The History Of How Lasik Was Invented

LASIK eye surgery was not a planned invention but a useful, accidental discovery. In 1974, a Russian doctor, Dr. Svyatoslavyond Fyodorov, was treating a severely nearsighted boy who had been in an accident and pieces of glass had shattered in his eye. There was minimal damage done to the little boy’s eye, although a small part of his cornea had been shaved off. Later, the young boy reported that his vision had improved drastically since the accident. Dr. Fyodorov was surprised by this and examined his eye. He discovered that the cuts made by the glass had reshaped his cornea, correcting the lens’s focus and allowing the boy to see more clearly. 

This discovery led to more research into laser eye surgery. Dr. Leo Bores and other American doctors became involved and conducted even more research into this subject. The first procedures took place during the Soviet Union. Following that period, laser eye surgery began to evolve. Today LASIK is safe, fast, and precise, and patients can watch their doctor perform this procedure on them. 

As technology advances, more people are considering LASIK as a way to correct their vision. At BoydVision, we can discuss your options for vision correction to help you become free from the struggle of having to rely on glasses and contact lenses. 

Why you should consider getting LASIK

  1. Being free of glasses and contacts. Often people want to be free from relying on glasses and contact lenses to help them see throughout the day. Imagine waking up without worrying about losing your contact lenses or breaking your only pair of glasses. 
  2. LASIK surgery is cheaper in the long run. Think about how much you spend yearly on glasses, contact lenses and contact solution. LASIK is a one-time solution for clearer vision. 
  3. Exercising is easier when you’re not worried about your contacts falling out or glasses slipping down the bridge of your nose when you sweat.
  4. Improved health. Some individuals find it difficult to wear glasses as they tend to get headaches. Also, wearing contacts increases the risk of eye infections. 

Laser eye surgery has come a long way since its accidental discovery. Today the procedure is safe and has many advantages to it. It free’s people from relying on glasses and contacts, giving them clear vision with little downtime.

If you have any questions about LASIK or are interested in learning more, our friendly team at BoydVision is here to help! Please book a consultation with our experienced surgeon or submit your questions online. We will be happy to assist you.