3 Questions to Ask Before Getting Laser Eye Surgery

Like many life-changing procedures, it is natural to have plenty of questions before getting laser eye surgery. Don’t be afraid of asking everything on your mind during your consultation, as we want you to feel completely comfortable and confident throughout every step of the process.

If you are planning on getting laser eye surgery, there are some must-ask questions that should always be addressed before booking your operation day. While all laser eye surgeons should go over these points with you during your consultation, it is important to ask clarifying questions if anything feels unclear to you. Before booking laser or LASIK surgery, be sure to know the answers to these questions.

What is the Estimated Recovery Time?

Knowing the estimated recovery time will probably be one of the first questions most prospective patients will ask—and with good reason! Not only to have an idea of how long to expect the recovery to take, but also to have a timeframe to keep in mind when getting your affairs in order for your operation. Rest and recovery is far easier without any outside stressors! 

For example, have you booked enough time off work? Do you have food or meals prepared at home if no one is available to assist you? Do you have someone who will be able to drive you to places if needed? Different treatments can have different recovery times, and it is crucial to plan out your recovery ahead of your operation.

What Results Can I Expect?

Most are well aware that the effects of laser or LASIK eye surgery are permanent, but many don’t realize that vision can still change post-surgery. While laser eye treatment can restore vision and eliminate the need for glasses, your eyes don’t stop changing upon receiving your operation.

The same eye changes that resulted in reduced vision prior to your operation can still occur post-operation. Be sure to discuss with your doctor the stability of your eyesight prescriptions over the years. This can help your surgeon provide a better estimation of the results you can expect from your treatment.

What Do I Need For After Care?

Depending on the laser eye centre performing your operation, some aftercare products may not be provided post-surgery. At BoydVision you will receive a kit with sunglasses and the eye drops for your post op care.  Be sure to note recommended products that can help with your recovery so that they will be available to you without having to arrange a trip to the store mid-recovery.

For any of your laser eye surgery questions, the friendly team at BoydVision is always here to help! Feel free to book a consultation with our experienced surgeon or submit your questions online, we would be happy to assist you.