Can You Regain Your Vision After Cataract Surgery?

Did you know that the first modern cataract surgery was performed in 1747 by a French Ophthalmologist known as Jacques Daviel? Back In those days, when the surgery was performed, the entire lens was removed. After the surgery was complete the patient would have needed to remain immobile until the incision healed. Fortunately, medicine and cataract surgeries have come a long way since then. Today cataract eye surgeries look a lot different and have much faster recovery times. The technology used to remove cataracts now only takes about 15-30 minutes. Success rates of cataract surgeries have also significantly improved. Nine out of ten people regain 20/20 vision after cataract surgery. 

You may be wondering how one detects cataracts. They aren’t visible at first, and you may not notice visible signs indicating that you have a cataract. You may, however, notice that your eyesight is becoming cloudy. You may also notice fuzzy spots or have difficulty seeing at night. If you notice any of these changes in your eyesight, you should see an Ophthalmologist.

What causes cataracts?

A common cause of cataracts is aging; however, other conditions can cause cataracts too. Here is a list of reasons other than ageing that cause cataracts: 

  • Secondary cataracts: Caused by pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and glaucoma.
  • Trauma cataracts: These develop after an eye injury such as a cut or a burn.
  • Radiation cataracts: These can develop after radiotherapy treatments for cancer.
  • Congenital cataracts: Babies are often born with these, or they tend to develop them during early childhood. 

What happens if you leave cataracts untreated?

Cataracts will worsen over time if they are left untreated. You will eventually find it challenging to carry out daily tasks due to your eyesight deteriorating. Leaving cataracts untreated can eventually lead to partial or complete blindness, therefore, detecting and treating them is crucial. Today cataract surgeries are performed quickly, with little discomfort. Having them treated can only improve your lifestyle. 

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