Thinking about Laser Eye Surgery in Vancouver? Get a Free Consultation!

If you’re doing your research about laser eye surgery in Vancouver, you’ve probably learned a lot online, but how about getting a free consultation at BoydVision? Not only will you get a chance to meet your potential surgeon, but you’ll get to visit our beautiful laser eye surgery centre in Burnaby too. Here’s how it works when you show up to try our free consultation for laser eye surgery with BoydVision.

1. We check your eyes

Starting with some eye measurements, we’ll run a couple of tests to help us understand your visual problems. These are all simple external tests and involve no eye drops or discomfort. We’ll measure the thickness of your corneas, and check your retina health to help us gain a strong understanding of your prescription.

2. You receive a professional recommendation

Based on these tests, we will make a recommendation for the best laser eye surgery for you, be it LASIK, refractive eye surgery, or one of our other leading options.

3. You get to ask questions

One of the best reasons to get a free consultation is the opportunity to ask questions. Google can be a tough place to get a straight answer, so is a great time to get a professional opinion you can trust. Here are a few commonly asked questions that we are happy to answer:

  • What is our policy for a follow-up?
  • What technology do we use?
  • What’s included in the cost?

At this point, if you are feeling comfortable to move ahead, we can schedule a tentative surgery date or follow up with you afterwards as you have need.

Get started today for free!

There are zero strings attached to getting a free consultation for laser eye surgery with Dr. Boyd, but it can make all the difference to set aside some time to get a free consultation. It only takes a few moments to get comfortable in our office, meet our friendly staff, and have all your questions answered. Feel confident about your choice by calling our laser eye surgery centre today to book your appointment.