About our Laser Eye Clinic

When you come to BoydVision, our friendly and experienced staff will perform thorough tests to determine the best options for your vision correction needs. Then Dr. Boyd will advise you of the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure, such as laser eye surgery or lens exchange, so you will have the information you need to make an informed decision and feel confident in your choice. Dr. Boyd believes in finding the right procedure for each patient.

Our Team Why Choose BoydVision

Dr. Boyd is the chief medical director for BoydVision and a staff surgeon at Burnaby General Hospital. A graduate from University of Alberta, Dr. Boyd completed his ophthalmology residency at the University of Ottawa, subsequently obtained his American Board of Ophthalmology qualification in 1986. He has studied and performed ophthalmic procedures under several leading ophthalmologists in England, Saudi Arabia and the United States, and performed 25,000 surgical procedures to date.

Our Team

The staff of BoydVision Centre are experienced, dedicated, and caring. Our medical technologist has been involved in laser eye surgery since the very first procedure was done in Canada in 1990. Our laser technician assisted in thousands of procedures before joining us in 2002.


Bonnie is a Medical Office Assistant that our patients really like.  Her personality is well suited to helping our patients.  She came for an eye exam one day and was hired instantly.  She began working with Dr. Boyd in 2001 and is currently the surgical coordinator, bookkeeper who is also involved with the marketing and management of the surgical centre.  She is very knowledgeable about the procedures at BoydVision and will be happy to answer any of your questions.




Jenn started working at BoydVision in May of 2019. She has many years of experience as an MOA and scheduling patients at her previous clinic. She made a decision to make a change in her career and we are happy to have found and hired her. Jenn is the quietly confident and kind voice you hear on the phones and when you come to the desk to check in. Jenn is a pleasure to work and always smiling and happy when dealing with patients. She is also trained to work in the surgical room, working with patients for their pre and post operative care. She also has a Medical Device Reprocessing certificate. Let’s just say she can do almost everything at BoydVision. She also speaks Tagalog.


Sara started working at BoydVision in summer of 2020. She comes from a surgical centre in Alberta and (they expressed their sadness in losing her) but gave us their highest regard for her professionalism and work ethic. She has trained and worked from the front office, to technician and testing and then to become the lead staff and laser safety officer in the operating room. She is also one of our Medical Device Reprocessing staff. She shares her knowledge with patients at their initial consult and discusses the best options for correcting their vision. We admire her desire to continue to study and gain more knowledge to benefit the efficiency of BoydVision.


Heather has been working part time for many years while she was in high school and during her university years.  Now she has a degree and has decided to work full time. We have known Heather since she was very young as her mother, Candy, also works here for over 24 years. She has become an important part of our office, helping with all aspects from reception to the surgical suite.

In September 2020, Heather had PRK surgery to improve her vision and can give you firsthand knowledge of her experience. She continues to study and make herself more knowledgeable about Ophthalmology to the benefit of our office. We are happy she has joined the BoydVision team/family.


Candy is a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant and lens implant consultant for cataract patients.  She has been working with BoydVision since 1996.  Patients love her ability to make everyone smile with her happy personality.  She is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.  Candy has had PRK surgery herself and more recently cataract surgery with multifocal lens implants, making her an ideal person to talk to about eye surgery here at BoydVision. 



“I am absolutely elated with the comfort and ease my new vision gives me.”

Nadine L

“Thank you for giving me life without glasses or contact lenses.”

Jamie C

“I had PRK done in August 2002 and now have 20/15 in both eyes.”

Michael G

“My vision is almost at 20/20 three weeks after my surgery and getting better every day.”

Christina S.

“I recently had Lasik eye surgery. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life.”

Generosa H.

“We settled on the Blended Lasik procedure and the results have been excellent.”

Brent H

“I am so happy with the results of my surgery. Thank you.”

Lisa B

“I am extremely happy with the vision results.”

Al K

“This was the biggest decision I have ever had to make. I am happy to say I made the right decision.”

Canadian Airline Pilot

Debra M

Sophia T

Dr. G.S. Clayden

Brit B.

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Top 8 Reasons To Choose Us

1. Simple price structures for sensible choices.

BoydVision offers competitive and simple price structures for laser vision correction. Without additional fees, each price structure offers a unique package covering individual’s choice and eye care needs, without additional fees.

  • No tax
  • Simple price structures fit individual’s eye care needs
  • Price established after free laser consultation
  • Customized Blended Vision Correction available

2. Cataract surgery at BoydVision’s surgical center.

BoydVision’s surgical facility offers a wider range of eye care services ranging from laser vision correction to cataract surgery and lens exchange. Once the initial consultation is completed, cataract surgery and lens exchange can be performed at BoydVision’s surgical facility in a relatively short period of time.  Without the delay of public care waiting lists, you can get back to your active and mobile lifestyle whenever you are ready.

3. Your surgeon works with you throughout the eyecare process.

Most clinics use technicians as the primary eyecare professional dealing with the patient, especially with pre- and postoperative care. Laser eye surgery at BoydVision involves eyecare with Dr Boyd throughout the process. Laser vision correction is safe with minimal risk, but Dr Boyd remains actively involved in all steps to ensure the best eyecare possible.

4. Custom treatment to minimize side effects.

Custom Laser Vision correction (wavefront-optimized topography-based treatment) is premium technology – enhancing the quality of your results and minimizing the potential for glare and night vision side effects. However, BoydVision’s price is equal to or lower than most other laser clinics’ conventional price. BoydVision offers custom LASIK and custom PRK – which are superior to their standard counterparts.

5. You can say ‘goodbye’ to your reading glasses.

We offer Laser Blended Vision to help patients over 40 to say goodbye to their reading glasses. BoydVision now offers Laser Blended Vision treatment, a revolutionary laser technology to counter the effects of aging in the eyes, and significantly reduce the need for reading or progressive bifocal glasses.

6. You can choose to include your existing optometrist in post-op care.

The postoperative care can be shared or delegated to your own eyecare professional—sometimes because of location (out-of-town clients) or preference. We are happy to work with your optometrist to ensure your laser treatment is as effective and convenient as possible.

7. You can choose from multiple surgical solutions.

We offer multiple solutions to meet a wide range of vision care needs. BoydVision offers a variety of surgical options including both laser and ophthalmic surgery. Many patients who have been told they are not suitable for laser eye surgery find that BoydVision offers a procedure that is the right solution for improving their vision.

8. Low cost financing available.

We are pleased to offer financing options through Medicaid. (up to $2400 for laser eye surgery).  The application forms are available at our office, or you may apply directly online at www.medicard.com.  For more information, you can also email info@medicard.com.  The financing must be applied for and approved prior to surgery.

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