Is LASIK Surgery Worth It?

Considering laser eye surgery? Should you really do it this year, or can you make do with glasses for a while longer? The truth is that 2022 may be the perfect time for you to opt for LASIK. Not only can you experience improved quality of life⏤think of greater ease in playing sports and less time spent searching for lost specs⏤but with extra time at home thanks to the pandemic this could be the year you emerge as a new you. If you need a little push to say yes to LASIK this year, we’re happy to help answer some questions at BoydVision.

Can you work after LASIK surgery?

The recovery period generally lasts 24-72 hours but it varies by patient depending on the complexity of your vision correction needs and the type of procedure chosen. Overall, patients should expect to take at least one day if not two days off from work or their usual routine. With increased flexibility in working from home thanks to the pandemic, you may find yourself with the extra time you need to make LASIK work for you this year!

Is LASIK covered by health benefits?

Elective laser eye surgery is not covered by MSP. However, if you have private medical insurance it’s definitely worth checking your policy. Now more than ever companies are offering full or partial coverage for vision correction procedures and helping employees enjoy a more permanent solution to vision problems.

If you’re looking for other ways to help pay for the surgery, we offer the option of paying in monthly installments and there is no interest if financed under 12 months.

Can I write off LASIK on my taxes?

You may be surprised to learn that laser eye surgery is a tax-deductible medical expense in Canada. In these years where many people are trying to save where they can, this is a helpful piece of knowledge! We’ve written a blog post on tax tips for Canadian laser eye surgery patients plus you can learn more about how to claim laser eye surgery as a medical expense on the Government of Canada website. 

So, is LASIK worth it?

When you consider the fact that you don’t have to take off much time from work, your company insurance might cover the cost, or you may be able to write off LASIK on your taxes, we think it’s safe to say that LASIK is definitely a worthy investment this year!

If you’re having any doubt, you can rest assured knowing that Dr. Boyd is happy to answer any questions you may have in an initial conversation.