How Is PRK Laser Eye Surgery Performed?

We get many patients coming to our Burnaby laser eye surgery clinic each week looking to get rid of their glasses for an array of reasons. For those people, there are two main types of laser eye surgery procedures to choose from, PRK and LASIK.

We have previously discussed the differences between PRK and LASIK, but here is a deeper overview of exactly how Dr. Boyd performs PRK at our BoydVision clinic.

PRK Consultation

We would first schedule you in to meet our surgeon, Dr. Boyd, who will review your individual history and wishes and make a personalized recommendation. You can then take some time to come to a decision on your own or book in the procedure there and then. From initial consultation to the PRK surgery the wait can be as short as a week or two.

PRK Surgery

On the day of the surgery, we recommend you arrive with a friend or relative who can take you home after the procedure. Our friendly staff are on hand to ease any nerves and talk you through the procedure.

You’ll receive a hair cover to keep any stray hairs away from your eyes and then you can get comfortable ready for the procedure.

We’ll place a few numbing drops into your eyes which will reduce your desire to blink and then we’ll position the speculum and equipment up around you to get started.

Dr. Boyd and another member of the team will always be in the room throughout the procedure. Within a matter of minutes the procedure will be over and we’ll place bandage contact lenses over your eyes and give you some analgesia to help control any pain or discomfort. Before you head home, feel free to stay in the clinic for a while to re-adjust.

PRK Recovery

While PRK is a simple procedure, it can be several weeks or sometimes months before you experience your desired vision. We recommend taking at least a week off work or away from your normal routine to recover.

Take a look around our laser eye surgery clinic in the video below and see some of the faces of our friendly staff before you meet them in person.

If you’d like to find out how PRK can work for you, call our team today to book a free consultation in our Burnaby laser eye surgery clinic.