How to Choose Between Femto LASIK and PRK

If you’re ready for laser eye surgery, you don’t have to do much research to come across the many options available for surgery: should you choose Femto LASIK? Is PRK better? In fact, the variety of surgeries available allows our surgeon to use tools and methods that perfectly meet the needs of your specific situation. Ready to break down some of the differences between Femto LASIK and PRK? Let’s go!

Back to Basics

Both Femto LASIK and PRK are called “refractive” surgeries. Essentially, these surgeries target the shape of your cornea so that your eyes bend light properly. The main difference between Femto LASIK and PRK lies in how the surgeon gains access to your cornea to do the reshaping work.

How Femto LASIK Works

Femto LASIK, or Femtosecond Laser-Assisted LASIK, is considered the safest and most precise form of refracted surgery available.

In the Femto LASIK procedure, which takes minutes for each eye, the surgeon uses a laser with short, infrared pulses to create a corneal flap. With access to the cornea through the flap, the surgeon can do the reshaping work needed.

Why Femto LASIK Might Be Right For You

The ultrashort infrared pulses used in Femto LASIK can be applied precisely and predictably with minimal collateral tissue damage. In other words, Femto LASIK reduces many typical laser eye surgery complications.

Femto LASIK produces the most predictable results and has the advantage of a very short healing time. If you’re needing to get back into your daily rhythms quickly, Femto might be the right choice for you.

How PRK Works

First, let’s clear up the term PRK. PRK stands for “photorefractive keratectomy.” PRK was actually the first type of laser eye surgery developed for vision correction and has actually been performed longer than LASIK.

PRK is typically a 15-minute procedure. The doctor will use either an alcohol solution or an excimer laser to remove the outer layer of corneal skin. Then, a laser is used to reshape the deeper cornea. The laser is programmed with customized measurements for your eye and reshapes the cornea with incredible precision.

Why PRK Might Be Right for You

If you have thin corneas or an active lifestyle, PRK may be the right surgery for you. Since PRK does not involve cutting a flap in your cornea like other LASIK surgeries, there is less risk associated with trauma to the eyes. However, do keep in mind that recovery can take quite a bit longer as the outer corneal layer needs to regrow.

The Bottom Line

Still wondering which laser eye surgery will meet your personal needs? A free consultation with BoydVision is the best way to know for sure whether Femto or PRK is better for you. At your appointment, you’ll have the opportunity to examine all your options and ask any questions to our surgeon, Dr. Boyd. Get our professional recommendation by booking your free laser eye surgery consultation today.