How to Decide Between PRK and LASIK Surgery

Have you decided to receive laser eye treatment? If so, congratulations! Prepare for a world of clear vision and get ready to appreciate the beautiful sights of the world—sans glasses! Now it is just a matter of finding the right procedure for you. 

With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to figure out which operation is right for you. While the best option is booking a consultation with an experienced surgeon, our blog will take a look at two popular options for improving vision: PRK and LASIK surgery. The main goal of improved vision may be the same, but PRK and LASIK surgery have notable differences that are worth considering before making your decision.

PRK vs LASIK: The Main Medical Difference

During LASIK surgery, a small flap is created in the top level of the cornea that allows for the surgeon to reshape the layers in your eye. Once the surgery is completed, the flap is closed and heals over time. By comparison, PRK surgery completely removes the top layer of the cornea during the operation. Once the operation is completed, a contact-like bandage is placed on the cornea to allow it to heal. 

PRK vs LASIK: What This Difference Means to You

On the patient-side, results for PRK and LASIK can be identical, resulting in crystal-clear vision. However, there are notable advantages and disadvantages to both.

Recovery time is the biggest advantage for LASIK surgery. While a PRK patient can take about 30 days for a patient to recover, LASIK patients can recover in less than a week. PRK also requires multiple check-ins following your operation.

The main advantage of PRK surgery is that PRK is less likely to be subject to complications post-operation. The flap created by LASIK surgery can be damaged if the eye is injured.  Dryness can be an issue after surgery especially if you have dry eyes prior.  It is recommended to use moisturizing drops for several weeks before surgery and several months after your surgery.
For more information about either of these procedures, be sure to contact our laser eye center. Not only will we be happy to answer your questions, but we can also arrange an in-person consultation with our experienced surgeon.