Custom PRK

Much like Custom LASIK, Custom PRK is significantly better than standard PRK for quality vision after laser vision correction. Rather than simply using your regular prescription, Custom PRK utilizes additional information from detailed corneal mapping, to treat a larger surface of the cornea. Using this added information, the procedure (also known as aspheric or wavefront-optimized PRK) reshapes the cornea with added precision, in a more sophisticated and efficient manner.

Some people choose PRK over LASIK. Others have the procedure recommended to them for medical or lifestyle considerations.

Thin corneas, big pupils and patients with jobs or hobbies that may potentially traumatize the LASIK flap will do better with custom PRK. Some people will just choose PRK over LASIK because they don’t like the idea of something cutting their cornea.

Though all local vision centres offer custom PRK (at a premium surcharge over standard treatment), BoydVision alone offers custom PRK as its primary treatment at the single, most affordable price in BC or Canada.

The Custom PRK Procedure

Before and after Surgery:

The pre-operative assessment and postoperative care are very similar to Custom LASIK. The primary difference is the unpredictability and slowness of visual recovery, and temporary increased pain for some individuals. As a result the patients are given more analgesia initially and are advised it will take longer for them to resume their regular work schedule afterward.

During the Surgery:

Numbing eyedrops are given at the start, after your lids have been opened with a speculum. The laser is used to remove the outer layer of corneal skin (epithelium). The laser is then used to reshape the deeper cornea. There is no pain with this, but there may be an odour similar to “burnt hair”. Afterward, the cornea is flushed with saline and eyedrops, and bandage contact lenses applied.

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