What To Expect From Cataract Surgery

Deciding to undergo cataract surgery can be a daunting decision, especially for those who haven’t had eye surgery in the past. It is however one of the most frequently performed surgery procedures at our Burnaby clinic. We have put together a handy overview of exactly what you can expect from cataract surgery, to hopefully put your worries at ease.

Your Cataract Surgery Consultation

Each patient first meets with our eye surgeon, Dr. Boyd to discuss their vision and the corrective options available to them. Dr. Boyd has performed over 25,000 laser eye surgery procedures both at our clinic and as a staff surgeon at Burnaby General Hospital. His years of experience are put towards making the best recommendations for your unique needs. He will assess your general vision, the cataract, and whether you’d be interested in correcting your regular glasses prescription during your cataract surgery. Standard cataract surgery available under the B.C. provincial health plan will only remove your cataracts. When you choose to undergo private cataract surgery with BoydVision, you can have advanced implants fitted which correct your vision so that you no longer require glasses.

The Surgery

Cataract surgery is a very straightforward procedure. You could be leaving the clinic, cataract-free within an hour of first arriving.

Our experienced staff are on hand to calm any nerves and provide you with protective clothing to wear during the surgery. Once comfortable, Dr. Boyd and the team will administer the topical anaesthetic to ensure you feel no pain. A tiny cut will then be made in the affected eye(s) so that the cloudy lens (which is the cataract) can be removed and replaced with a new clear one..

Over the coming days, our team will check up with you to ensure you are feeling well. Those choosing more advanced refractive premium implants, especially multifocal lenses, could find it takes 2-3 months to reach their final visual outcome. After which, they’ll be able to enjoy life free of cataracts and glasses.

We do ask that patients have somebody with them who can take them home after the procedure. Patients can often benefit from having extra support at home for a few days after surgery during their recovery. If you are researching cataract surgery on behalf of a loved one, you can find out what it’s like to have cataracts here.

To find out more about private cataract surgery with BoydVision for yourself or a relative, call our friendly team on 604-430-9560, or send us a message below. We are a multilingual office, simply give us a call or complete the form below to request a call back in your preferred language to book a free private cataract surgery consultation.