Are Your Glasses Getting In The Way Of Your Career?

When vision is key for your work, and glasses are getting in the way, it may be time to consider LASIK or PRK surgery. These laser eye surgery procedures eliminate the need for glasses which will allow you to get on with the job at hand, hassle free.

We have had patients from an array of industries who came to us after finding that their glasses or contact lenses were interfering with their work.

Office Workers

The need to clean glasses, or remove contact lenses during a long day at the office is the last thing most people want to be doing. Undergoing LASIK and PRK surgery is actually a much quicker process than many people expect. You can find out how PRK is performed in our recent blog.

Sports & Adventure

Fitness instructors or sports tutors know all too well how much more difficult life can be with glasses compared to without. We’ve previously discussed how ski and snowboard enthusiasts and instructors can benefit from laser eye surgery. While LASIK and PRK are some of the most common surgeries, there are a variety of vision correction options that could be right for people who work in this industry.


Teachers, tutors and childcare providers rely on excellent vision in order to help teach the next generation. Settling for sub-par vision can make their jobs much harder. A huge benefit of custom LASIK is that patients are able to return back to their usual schedule the very next day. Recovery time is extremely quick which means the surgery can easily fit around a busy teacher’s diary.


Retail workers don’t often have the luxury of being able to step out to the washroom at any moment to fix a smeared pair of glasses, or remove uncomfortable lenses. Busy sales assistants can really benefit from laser eye surgery. While many people don’t notice problems with their vision until later in life, we do accept patients as young as 19 with stable vision. People who undergo laser eye surgery at a young age can then enjoy their whole adult lives free of glasses.

If you are ready to find out more about how custom LASIK or PRK surgery could help you, get in touch with our friendly team today. Send us a message, give us a call or stop by our Burnaby laser eye surgery clinic to schedule in a free consultation with our experienced eye surgeon, Dr. Boyd.