All The Vision Correction Options Available To You

Did you know we offer three different types of laser eye surgery procedures? Over the years, we’ve seen hundreds of patients, all with different vision requirements. Vision correction is not one-size fits all. Unlike other laser eye surgery centres in Vancouver, all of our procedures are custom designed to each patient. Here is an overview of each of them.

Custom LASIK

This commonly performed procedure only takes a few minutes per eye. It is the most popular form of laser eye surgery and BoydVision offer the procedure at the most affordable price in Canada. LASIK involves a flap being created on the cornea so that pressure can be used to improve vision. Recovery time varies but many people are able to return to work the very next day.

Custom PRK

This is one of the two most common types of laser eye surgery procedures. On top of reviewing your regular prescription, we gather additional information through corneal mapping. This is then used to reshape the cornea into a position that will improve your vision. People may chose PRK over LASIK as it is a procedure that doesn’t require cutting the cornea.

Laser Blended Vision Correction

This laser eye surgery procedure counters the effects of aging on the eye. The procedure improves a person’s ability to focus on objects or words. Laser blended vision correction significantly reduces the need for reading or progressive bifocal glasses. After a detailed consultation, the procedure is tailored to a person’s current vision and most people find that recovery is very rapid.

It doesn’t end there though. Each person’s vision is unique and so we offer other vision improving procedures too. You can book a free consultation at our Vancouver laser eye surgery centre or visit our resources to find out about the variety of laser eye surgery options available to you.