The Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery for Skiing, Snowboarding, and other Winter Sports

Local winter sports enthusiasts are hoping for a long and snowy season, with plenty of opportunities to hit the slopes, be it on skis, snowboard, or snowmobile. Naturally, good vision is crucial with all three activities, both for enjoyment and safety. But people who need prescription lenses for optimum vision face a few challenges when enjoying their preferred winter activity. For years the only choice was to find goggles big enough to fit glasses underneath. But that often meant problems with fogging and a limited selection. Soft contacts offered a solution for some, but brought along a new set of limitations as well.

High-tech goggles like the Oakley Airwave offer lots of features, but not prescription inserts (Source: Oakley Canada)

In response, many goggle manufacturers now offer models that can accept special prescription inserts. But with quality, name brand snow sports goggles retailing for at least $200 for mid-priced models, and the super high-tech versions that include GPS, smartphone connectivity, and navigation functions costing hundreds more, it’s useful to consider whether or not the added cost of prescription inserts is the best value for your snow sports budget. Here are some points to consider.

Expect to pay at least $100 – $200 for the prescription inserts. Remember, you’ll be limited to those models offering a prescription option and you’ll still need to bring along another pair of regular glasses – for those times when you aren’t wearing the goggles. Plus, in bright conditions, or if you’re a Nordic skier and rely on sunglasses, you’ll need the more expensive prescription versions of those as well. And if you want to stay in fashion with new goggles every couple of years, there’s no guarantee your current prescription inserts will work with different goggles, as they are designed to fit specific models.

So, compared to the cost of laser eye surgery, which is a year-round solution to your vision challenges, the smaller up-front cost of prescription goggles might not actually be much of a bargain. Especially if you participate in other sports such as cycling or sailing, where sunglasses are often required for eye protection from the sun’s rays. Other options such as contact lenses may seem like a good idea for snow sports, because you don’t need to find goggles that can fit over your glasses. But if you need to readjust them after a hard fall, bulky gloves and/or stiff cold fingers can make that a challenge. Lose a contact entirely and depending on your eyesight, it could mean the end of your day on the slopes altogether. So there are definitely some downsides to contacts as well.

Laser Eye Surgery is a natural fit for snow sports enthusiasts who require vision correction

At Boydvision, we think laser eye surgery is a great choice for winter sports enthusiasts. The benefits of improved vision aren’t limited to the slopes and your goggle and sunglasses options are both wider and less costly than with special prescription lenses. For someone with aging eyes, the small print of trail maps can be a challenge, even if distance vision isn’t. For them, our blended vision procedure is an option to consider, because you won’t need to bring along a pair of readers that are likely to fog up or get broken if you fall with them in your jacket pocket.

Good vision makes snow sports that much more enjoyable. Book a free consultation today and you could be enjoying the benefits of improved vision this season and beyond!


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