Cataract Surgery – What You Need To Know

Did you know that almost everyone requires cataract surgery at some point in their life? It’s true!

Cataracts are the natural clouding of the lens of your eyes due to age. By the age of 65, nearly 90% of individuals will have developed cataracts, and nearly half of individuals up to age 85 will have experienced vision loss as a result of cataracts.

Signs of Cataracts

Symptoms of cataracts include poor night vision, cloudy vision and sensitivity to light. If you experience included glare while driving, or notice the yellowing of colours, you should have your eyes checked by an optometrist.

Don’t wait until cataracts start to interfere with your day-to-day life. Cataract surgery is a relatively simple procedure taking up to 15 minutes, allowing you to go back to your daily lifestyle within a day.

Benefits of Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery will treat your cataracts, obviously. But did you know that this procedure can also improve your vision?

Refractive lens exchange, which involves replacing your eye’s natural lens, follows virtually the same procedure as cataract surgery. During this operation, we can insert premium lens such as the Symfony lens to correct your vision and eliminate the need for glasses, in addition to treating your cataracts.

Through refractive lens exchange, not only will you be treating yourself of cataracts but your improved vision will allow you to live a more fulfilling life.

Alternatives to Cataract Surgery

While cataract surgery is mandatory for those who want to treat cataracts, there are a whole slew of vision correction options to treat myopia (nearsightedness).

In addition to refractive lens exchange, BoydVision offers laser eye surgery and procedures such as LASIK, PRK, and Phakic implant surgery.
The best vision correction option differs from person to person, depending on their age and lifestyle factors. Our staff at BoydVision provide free consultations to help you identify the best procedures for vision correction, customized to your needs and lifestyle. We offer the most options for vision correction and are dedicated to finding the best solution for you. Call today for a free consultation.