LASIK Eye Surgery, Glasses or Contacts?

When it comes to vision correction, LASIK eye surgery isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. Glasses and contacts are usually considered as they are cheaper options than laser eye surgery – but are they always better?

While all three options have their benefits and downsides, one has to consider all perspectives before making a choice. Let’s take a look at our options:


Glasses are the most traditional option for vision correction. They’re relatively cheap and can be fashionable accessories (assuming you can get prescription lenses for each pair that you own). The best part about glasses is that they’re easy to put on and take off.

The downside of glasses is that you’re pigeonholed into wearing them for any activity that requires good eyesight. You won’t be able to have clear vision while swimming, and your frames may interfere with intense physical activity.

Some people find it easy to embrace glasses, but others may find them socially limiting. Even as a fashion accessory, you’ll be forced to wear the same pair(s) for every event. Perhaps this is why celebrities like Drew Carey and Elton John have opted for laser eye surgery, even though they’re typically seen with glasses in public.


Contacts are great if you don’t want to wear glasses, but still want to maintain decent vision. They’re certainly cheaper than laser eye surgery in the short run, and are great if you want to try a different eye colour (for Halloween, perhaps?)

The difficulty with contacts is that they can be a hassle, if you want to wear them properly. We highly recommend putting on contacts when your hands are sterile and clean, which aren’t always the case in a public setting. This is why long-time contact users have an increased chance of an eye infection, due to improper hygiene and sometimes your eyes become intolerant to contacts.

Both contacts and glasses can interfere with your work, particularly if you work in an intensive position. NASA astronauts, for example, receive laser eye surgery and airline pilots are barred from relying on glasses.

LASIK Eye Surgery

Unlike glasses or contacts, LASIK eye surgery doesn’t require any maintenance and will last for years. The biggest downside is the fact that laser eye surgery is more expensive, because unlike wearing contacts the surgery is performed all at once. This means that instead of paying for contacts throughout your life in small amounts, you’re paying for surgery all at once.

Unlike what some rumours may suggest, LASIK eye surgery doesn’t hurt nor does it cause any prolonged pain. The most typical critique of laser eye surgery isn’t even related to the surgery itself – but with the cost.

At BoydVision, we understand that uncertainty and the unknown can be a deterrent from choosing laser eye surgery. This is why we provide free consultations, with shorter wait times, and a wide variety of vision correction options at the best rates.

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