Symfony Lens, The Latest Addition To Cataract Treatment

What are Symfony Lens?

The Symfony lens are the only intraocular cataract lens that treats presbyopia. They are implanted during normal cataract operation, reducing halo and glare.  You don’t have to wait for a cataract. In our private surgical centre we offer refractive lens exchange surgery and you can correct your vision with the Symfony lens.

What this means is that while having regular cataract surgery, you can also receive vision correction that allows you to focus on nearby and distant objects without needing eyeglasses.

Goodbye, reading glasses! Hello, Symfony. These special intraocular lens are set to become the next golden standard in cataract surgery and vision correction.

What Are Intraocular Lens?

An intraocular lens, or IOL, is a lens that is physically implanted in the eye during eye surgery. These lenses can treat a wide range of vision problems, from cataracts and myopia (nearsightedness), to astigmatism (blurry vision).

Why Do They Work?

Poor eyesight is very common among older individuals.

After the age of 40, the eye’s lens will naturally begin to stiffen, making it difficult for the muscles to tug on the lens and focus on objects that are not far away.

As the minimum focusing distance begins to increase, it becomes more and more difficult to read. Apart from eyeglasses, the only way to address poor vision is laser eye surgery.

Implanted lens are more effective than your eye’s natural lens because they are made of plastic, which does not alter. Laser eye treatment is a vision correction method that should last a lifetime.

What’s So Special About Symfony?

Typically, surgeons insert lenses to treat cataracts during normal cataract surgery, but most patients will still require reading glasses after the implants.

The Symfony lens provide an extended range of focus after normal cataract surgery, meaning that you won’t need to use reading glasses anymore. You’ll have excellent focus while looking at an object inches away, or in the distant horizon.

What Can You Expect From Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is quick, painless and permanent. With Symfony lens, you’ll also receive the benefit of never needing to wear reading glasses.

Patients are typically able to return to their normal routine within a day after surgery. With the Symfony lens, there are no glares or halos, or even contrast sensitivity.

Nine out of every ten people implanted with the Symfony lens no longer need to wear glasses, even for reading. To date, there are no reports of lens-related negative side effects.

We offer the Symfony lens as an option, as part of the cataract surgeries we offer. At BoydVision, we provide cataract surgeries at the most competitive rate in Vancouver and Burnaby. We help a lot of people improve their eyesight!

If you have any questions about laser eye surgery, cataract surgery or Symfony lenses, feel free to contact our laser eye clinic for more information.