Phakic Implant Surgery

For younger adults (under 35 years of age) who are not candidates for refractive laser surgery such as PRK or LASIK, Phakic Implant surgery is often a viable alternative surgical procedure.

This technology involves inserting an artificial lens into the eye to correct a person’s prescription. The procedure usually takes less than 45 minutes for both eyes, and recovery time is only a few hours. BoydVision uses the Visian ICL lens, which is inserted behind the iris, and in front of the natural lens. The lens can be removed later in life when cataract surgery is needed.

The major advantage of the Phakic Implant is that it preserves your reading vision.

Also a much wider range of nearsightedness can be corrected, providing a stable refractive outcome and excellent vision quality. Other advantages include the reversibility of the procedure. There is also less risk of long term corneal decompensation with this type of implant.

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