What Is Custom LASIK Laser Eye Surgery?

At BoydVision, we offer custom LASIK laser eye surgery at the most affordable price. Our team provides the best vision correction techniques, customized for your individual needs, and often perform custom LASIK and PRK for our patients.

But, what exactly makes “custom” LASIK so special? Shouldn’t all laser eye surgery procedures be “customized” to some degree? Perhaps not in the way you’d expect.

The primary difference between standard and custom LASIK, is that the latter uses topographical and wavefront mapping information during preoperative testing to give better results. With custom treatment, the excimer laser is able to deliver more complex and efficient patterns.

What does this mean? It means that custom LASIK gives better quality vision compared to the standard LASIK approach.

What Are The Differences With Custom LASIK?

Because custom LASIK uses additional information, our excimer laser is able to treat a larger portion of the cornea without ablating more corneal tissue. This is known as “aspheric treatment,” and is unique to custom LASIK.

Custom LASIK is also known as a “wavefront-guided” LASIK procedure. We use a device known as an “aberrometer” to essentially take a fingerprint of your eye. This enables aspheric treatment with a computer-controlled excimer laser.

With standard LASIK, tissue is removed less efficiently and is only able to correct your prescription (refractive error). However, your nighttime vision may suffer due to visual aberrations in your cornea becoming more apparent as your pupils dilate.

While custom LASIK is the best form of vision correction, not all patients are eligible for custom LASIK due to very small pupils or a high degree of far/nearsightedness. In these cases, we provide a wide range of vision correction procedures to find the next best altenative.

Why BoydVision?

Most laser eye surgery centres will offer custom LASIK at a premium rate. At BoydVision, we stand by custom LASIK for all patients, allowing us to offer custom LASIK at a more affordable price. Our custom LASIK procedure draws information from a number of preoperative tests, in order to deliver the best results.

With over 25,000 surgical procedures performed to date, Dr. Boyd is an experienced Surgeon who, along with the BoydVision team, offers a full range of vision correction services to best suit your needs. From custom LASIK and PRK, to refractive lens exchange, we are able to provide you with the best vision correction. Call or contact us today for a free consultation.