3 Laser Eye Surgery Myths—Busted!

Despite being around for more than two decades and a track-record with millions of successful laser eye surgery operations, there are still plenty of myths and misconceptions about the procedure. It’s natural to have questions prior to receiving treatment, but the last thing we want is to have someone miss out on having perfect vision because of a myth!

That’s why we are here to set the record straight and bust some of the most common laser eye surgery myths. Here are three myths you don’t need to worry about when deciding to get vision correction treatment.

Laser Eye Surgery Hurts

We have written numerous blogs about this topic, but it really is worth stating again—laser eye surgery is not painful. The truth is, with the numbing agents applied, most patients only feel a bit of pressure while the laser is on—which is only 20 seconds of the 10-minute procedure. After which, there may be a little bit of discomfort akin to having an eyelash in your eye for a few days. Both procedures are uncomfortable after surgery when the numbing wears off, so it is recommended to rest in a dark room and avoid bright sunlight for a couple days.  All-in-all, it’s a pretty good trade-off for a lifetime of crystal-clear vision if we do say so ourselves!

Laser Eye Surgery Can Make You Go Blind

This myth needs an all-caps, bold, italicized, underlined NO! In the history of laser eye surgery, no one has ever gone blind from the procedure. In fact, any sort of complications are generally exceedingly rare. There is a reason vision treatment procedures are so common throughout the world; laser eye surgery is a perfectly safe and routine operation. With over 25,000 successful operations performed, you will be in safe hands with the team at Boyd Vision.

The Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery Are Not Permanent

Another myth we are happy to bust! The benefits of laser and LASIK surgery are absolutely permanent. However, eyes can still change after surgery which can result in a change in vision quality. These are the same natural changes that resulted in a loss of vision prior to your operation. Thankfully, touch-up procedures can easily be done to help improve vision if you are finding that your vision has changed post-treatment.

If you have questions about your operation, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team Boyd Vision!