Making Sure Your Eyes Are In Good Hands At BoydVision

If your optometrist has been proactive, they may have asked you, as their patient, if you want to find a way to eliminate or minimize your need for glasses. If you’ve ever considered getting eye surgery such as LASIK, then your optometrist will have referred you to a surgeon that they trust enough to send their patients to. They may have even suggested various ophthalmologists, depending on their location, to make it convenient for you. 

How do medical professionals choose who to refer clients to? As your trusted and experienced ophthalmologist, we can tell you that we have a great relationship with all the optometrists we refer our clients to. We build relationships with them so that we have trustworthy optometrists we feel comfortable sending our patients to and also so that they can trust us with their patients should they need the level of care we can provide to their clients. 

If we have great relationships with optometrists that send over their clients to our clinic, we, too, feel as though our clients will be well taken care of by them when our clients need to see an optometrist before or after their surgery. Often before eye surgery, we will ask our patients to see an optometrist to check for any dry eye symptoms they may have and potentially run a few dry eye tests as it is important to keep eyes moisturized eyes prior to eye surgery. After cataract surgery, for instance, it is common for patients to have dry eyes. Symptoms may include irritation, stinging or burning, redness, need for artificial tears as well as changes in vision. 

Making sure eyes are moisturized during this time is important, and we recommend our patients use eye drops, however in more severe cases, we may refer our patients to an optometrist as they have protocols in place to treat dry eyes, such as specialized eye drops or special equipment to help patients with extremely dry eyes. 

Building relationships with optometrists is extremely important for us at BoydVision so that we have a great list of medical professionals we can confidently refer our patients to, knowing that they will be in good hands and their eyes will be cared for properly. 

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