What Is the Cost of LASIK Surgery in Canada?

The love of a deal is a nearly universal human trait. Who doesn’t feel a thrill when you find something to purchase and discover the exact same item is on sale in the shop just down the street? Well, luckily bargains aren’t restricted to things you can buy in a store⏤you can even shop around for the best price on LASIK surgery!

If you’re considering the cost of LASIK surgery in Canada and whether it’s worth it to travel to Vancouver to save on your LASIK surgery, we can guarantee a great experience at BoydVision.

Take in Beautiful BC

When you choose BoydVision for LASIK eye surgery, you’re choosing a professional clinic located in the heart of Beautiful BC. Natural beauty and experiences abound, so be sure to tag on a few extra days to your visit to explore the city. Plus flights, accommodations and transport are all very simple to arrange within the area. Because the treatment process often renders you unable to care for yourself for some time afterward, you’ll probably want to have a second person travel to be with you and we can assure you that they’ll love taking in all that Vancouver has to offer.

Relaxed Recovery Time

When it comes to recovery time, the length of time needed for your vision to stabilize completely varies from person to person. It could vary from a few days to a week. If you’re worried about the stress of waiting for your eyes to recover while you are away from home, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in a safe and comfortable city with plenty of ways to relax and spend downtime close by.

Save on the Cost of LASIK in Canada

Consider the many benefits that come with traveling for a procedure like LASIK eye surgery in Canada! When you choose BoydVision, you are choosing a world-class process in a beautiful and clean LASIK eye centre. Not only is LASIK eye surgery in Canada less expensive than abroad but the experience of spending some time in Beautiful BC is worth it.

For you penny savers, did you know that BoydVision provides free consultations to help you find the procedure that is right for you? Contact our laser eye center in Vancouver today to book a meeting with Dr. Boyd.


Please refer to the health guidelines from your local government when it comes to provincial or international traveling.