Does Laser Eye Surgery Hurt?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word laser? For some, images of Star Wars or other science fiction movies pop up. Others might think about something more practical, like laser pointers that professors use during lectures. Of course, at BoydVision we think about laser eye surgery and our advanced excimer laser. This incredible piece of engineering shoots an ultraviolet beam of light into your eye to reshape your cornea. This helps cure a variety of visual impairments so you can ditch the glasses. 

Thoughts of a laser entering your eye can make even the toughest of people squirm.

“Doesn’t it hurt? I’m not awake during the procedure, right? Isn’t recovery super painful?”

These are just a few of the questions we get from patients during their free laser eye surgery consultation. It might be surprising to know that, no, it doesn’t hurt! You’re awake the whole time and we take every measure to ensure a safe and easy recovery. 

Laser Eye Surgery is Painless

The procedure only takes about ten minutes, with the laser-activated for only twenty seconds or so. You’ll be provided with numbing agents beforehand so you won’t feel a thing! Some patients will feel slight pressure when the outer corneal flap is removed (Lasik procedure), but it’s painless. The corneal flap is replaced and massaged back into place to prevent wrinkles. 

After your laser eye surgery, it might feel like an eyelash, or foreign object is in your eye. But this feeling normally subsides after a few hours. 

PRK is a little different as your corneal flap is removed with a laser instead of being cut away. Recovery takes a little longer as the cornea needs time to fully heal. Depending on the patient, this can take anywhere from one week to several. 

Recovery can be uncomfortable for some and as a result, PRK patients are given more analgesia post-op. Days two to four after your operation are usually the most uncomfortable for our patients, but this is normal and means your corneal flap is healing. 

Light sensitivity is also something patients of laser eye surgery experience. Make sure you have a great pair of sunglasses on hand, you might need to wear them indoors too. Also, make sure to read some phone tips to recovering from your laser eye surgery!

You’ll Be Awake The Whole Time

Laser eye surgery is unlike other operations as you will be awake the entire time. For some patients with excess nerves or anxiety, a relaxant can be given prior to the procedure. However, after meeting our team, reading up on our resources, and speaking with Dr. Boyd, many of our patients are comfortable enough to forego the sedative. 

Learning about laser eye surgery and taking steps to prepare for your operation are key for dealing with any anxiety you may have. Feel free to call us and ask any questions you may have about your procedure too!

Every Precaution is Made for a Fast and Safe Recovery

Recovering from laser eye surgery is much quicker than what most people expect. Some people are able to return to work the very next day after a Lasik procedure.  With PRK, we recommend a week off work until the vision has improved and cornea has healed enough. You’ll still be able to perform your daily tasks.

“Take it easy for a week or two, you deserve it anyways!”

Dry eyes are a common experience after laser eye surgery. To combat this, we recommend the use of moisturizing drops before, and after your laser eye surgery. Most people will be able to stop using eye drops after a few weeks. 
Are you ready to take your first steps towards clear vision? Contact BoydVision for your free laser eye surgery consultation. You’ll meet with our experienced staff, including Dr. Boyd himself, and have any of your questions answered. Remember, just because it’s a laser, doesn’t mean it will hurt!