How is Femto LASIK Surgery Different From LASIK?

As the safest, most precise form of refractive surgery available, Femto LASIK surgery is a great option for those looking to improve their vision. Using bladeless technology, Femto LASIK can actually provide better patient outcomes than traditional LASIK surgery. If you are planning to receive LASIK treatment, here are three reasons why Femto LASIK is a great option to consider.

Bladeless Technology

One of the biggest barriers people face when deciding to get LASIK is the fear of having a blade near your eye. This tiny blade cuts the corneal flap during LASIK surgery and allows the doctor to operate on your eyes. While numbing drops ensure that patients feel no pain during the procedure (and the actual operation is incredibly quick), it is often the thought of the procedure that is most challenging for patients to overcome.

With Femto, there are no blades involved. Instead, ultrashort infrared pulses create the flap in your cornea. These pulses are even more accurate than blades, and the shape of the flap can be customized depending on the eye’s shape. This means that patients previously unsuitable for traditional LASIK can still be suitable for Femto!

Ultra Precision

LASIK surgery is one of the safest procedures a patient can have. With the ultra-precise lasers used during Femto LASIK, this procedure becomes even safer. The consistency of the laser lowers chances for ocular aberrations, variations in intraocular pressure, and developing dry eyes after surgery. Femto LASIK also tends to have slightly faster recovery times than traditional LASIK.

Femto LASIK at Boyd Vision

In the simplest terms, Femto LASIK is LASIK without any sort of blades. Besides the way the corneal flap is created, the operations are the same. If improved vision without having to worry about blades sounds appealing to you, be sure to contact our laser eye center. We would be happy to provide more information about Femto LASIK and any of our other treatments.