Femto LASIK: The Safest and Most Precise Form of Laser Surgery Available

The daily, groggy swipe for glasses on your nightstand, the inability to hop on a bike or go for a run without taking time to put in contacts, not to mention glasses fog, the irritating side effect of trying to wear both a medical mask and glasses. You may be ready to give up the drill of cumbersome glasses or contacts, and learning a little more about Femto LASIK might just win you over. If you’re wondering whether laser surgery is right for you, we are happy to help at BoydVision.

How Femto LASIK is different

When it comes to eye surgery, did you know that lasers can be more accurate than blades? It’s true! Instead of blades, Femto LASIK uses ultrashort infrared pulses to create the flap in your cornea. In addition to zeroing in on your cornea more accurately, the shape of the flap can be customized depending on the eye’s shape, making this the most precise form of laser surgery on the market.

Is Femto LASIK painful?

If you’re wondering if laser eye surgery is painful, we’ve got you covered. With Femto LASIK, our top surgeon uses anesthetic drops to numb your eyes during the entire procedure. While you may experience a bit of pressure, the surgery itself is typically pain-free.

Additionally, because there are no blades involved, Femto LASIK can actually heal faster and result in fewer complications than traditional LASIK.

How long does Femto LASIK last?

While the lasting effects of Femto LASIK depend on multiple factors, for most patients the results can last a lifetime!

It is important to note that while Femto LASIK corrects the eyes, it cannot prevent future vision degeneration, as the eyes continue to change as one ages. In these cases, a follow-up procedure may be necessary, and we’re always happy to discuss these possibilities with you at BoydVision.

Is Femto LASIK for me?

Femto LASIK may be the perfect solution for your vision problems. To be a strong candidate for Femto LASIK, you must meet the following criteria:

  • 18 and older
  • Stable vision (no changes in your prescription over the past year)
  • Corneal thickness

Femto LASIK is perfect when you want to return to work and activities sooner as well as it offers shorter recovery times than PRK.

At BoydVision, we work with our patients to guide them through the process of choosing the right operation for their unique needs. Contact our laser eye clinic and speak with our friendly team to discuss what type of eye surgery suits your individual needs best.