The Hidden Costs of Lasik Surgery

If you’ve ever seen low prices advertised for Lasik, be wary. Typically, these prices are used to draw people into laser eye surgery clinics where they are then told the actual price of their Lasik surgery. At BoydVision, we are always upfront about our Lasik surgery costs because we believe transparency is vital when giving people clear vision. 

Being Drawn into a Lasik Consultation

You’ve probably seen advertisements with prices quoted at less than $500 per eye. This might make you feel like the majority of people pay around $1000 for laser eye surgery. However, this is only a starting price. 

The goal is to get you to book a consultation at the advertised clinic. After the consultation, they will provide you with a quote depending on your prescription and current eye health. The price is typically much higher than the advertised price you thought you would pay. 

At BoydVision, our prices don’t fluctuate based on your prescription. They only differ depending on the surgery that’s right for you. Want to know which surgery will give you the results you’ve been looking for? Book a free laser eye surgery consultation to find out! Want to learn more about Lasik surgery? Give us a call at 604.430.9560.

Lasik Surgery at BoydVision

At our laser eye surgery clinic, we don’t offer standard Lasik or conventional laser eye surgeries. If you want to get rid of your glasses or contacts and obtain clear vision that will last, you should have it done properly. That’s why we only offer custom laser eye surgeries. The added information from preoperative testing allows us to treat a larger area of the cornea, producing better results, giving you higher quality vision.  We have no hidden fees or surprises at BoydVision

How Much Does Lasik Cost at BoydVision?

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