How Lasik Can Change Your Life in Vancouver

Vancouver is an incredible city. There’s just so much to see and do! From heading into the local mountains, to riding around the seawall, Vancouverites are known to be active, healthy, and just plain awesome! To make Vancouver even better than it already is, you can experience it with clear vision, free from glasses or contacts. Lasik surgery has one of the highest patient satisfaction rates among elective surgeries. If you’re considering Lasik in Vancouver, book a free Lasik consultation with BoydVision to get started!

Here are seven amazing ways that Lasik can change your life in Vancouver. 

1. See clearly when you’re skiing or snowboarding.

Vancouver is located close to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world! Whistler, Blackcomb, and Cypress mountains were home to many events during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, and with a lift ticket, you can experience them for yourself. 

There’s also Grouse and Seymour mountains within close proximity to Vancouver. They are so close, you can take public transit or a short ride on a shuttle bus from the city to get there!

Having glasses can be a bit of a nuisance when enjoying mountain sports. Goggles typically press the frames into your temple, creating discomfort. Dry and windy weather is also particularly irritating for contacts wearers. 

Ditching glasses or contacts with Lasik increases comfort and can improve your safety on the mountain by giving you better peripheral vision versus glasses. 

2. Rain won’t keep you down.

In Vancouver it rains a lot! If you’re a glasses wearer, you know how annoying it is to walk outside in the rain, day in and day out. Streaks and foggy lenses are some things you won’t miss after your Lasik surgery

Even going out for a lovely hike can become a tad frustrating for glasses wearers, what with all the weather changes we experience on the West Coast. Going glasses free means you can enjoy the lovely views from all our wonderful lookout points without the fear that your glasses will fall off your face!

3. Head to the beach and enjoy the sand and surf. 

Vancouver has nine beaches that provide 18km of beautiful outdoor space to sunbathe, swim, and play. It’s not recommended to swim with glasses or contacts on, so make sure you have a plan when you head out there. The same process goes for local swimming pools, showers, or any other water activity. 

Alternatively, after Lasik surgery, these concerns will become a thing of the past. 

4. Camp wherever you want.

BC is renowned for its beautiful parks and backcountry camping. You’ll need to plan ahead if you require eyewear. Glasses can get broken, so make sure to pack a backup pair. It can also be tough to clean and manage contacts while you’re in the bush. You don’t want any dirt or bacteria caught in between your lens and your eye. 

Lasik provides backcountry freedom that can’t be matched by glasses or contacts, especially if you want to take a dip in one of the many lakes or rivers!

5. Take a boat ride around the bay.

Have you ever been on a boat in the ocean? Perhaps you’ve had the lucky experience of going whale watching, or maybe you’ve taken the SeaTaxi over to Granville Island. 

In any case, the sea is a cruel mistress and will swallow up your glasses should they be knocked from your noggin. Make sure you have a strap for your glasses if you know you’re heading into rocky water or if you know there will be high winds. Or, book your free Lasik consultation with BoydVision!

6. Bike comfortably and safely around the seawall.

Vancouver’s seawall is a 28km long pathway along the shore of Vancouver. But did you know it’s actually the longest uninterrupted seaside path in the world? It’s true! There are two marked paths for cyclists and runners to get out and enjoy their day. 

If you’re cycling on the seawall (or anywhere really) you need to wear a helmet. Wearing helmets can cause discomfort if you need to wear glasses (which can also fall off at inopportune times). More often than not this is a nuisance, and at worst it can be dangerous. Opting for Lasik will make your days on the seawall even better. 

7. Spot beautiful birds everywhere you go. 

Have you ever seen bald eagles nesting within the city limits? How about the peregrine falcons that flock to Squamish every year for mating season? Or those mohawked wood ducks in Stanley Park? Vancouver, and BC in general, is home to thousands of incredible bird species. With so many beautiful birds in and around the city, you’ll be able to spot them quickly, take their photos, and enjoy your day in nature without the hassle of glasses or contacts. So go ahead and snap that perfect pic!
These are just some of the ways that Lasik can help change your life in Vancouver. To learn more about Lasik, or one of our other laser eye surgery procedures, contact BoydVision for a free laser eye surgery consultation today!