Laser Blended Vision Correction

People older than 45 years old generally lose focusing power, and gradually need reading glasses (progressive) bifocals. Until now ‘monovision’ was the standard way to treat this problem with laser vision correction – optimizing one eye for distance and the other for reading, because laser vision correction usually corrects eyesight to only one focus point.

But almost half the population cannot tolerate the visual difference between the two eyes with conventional monovision treatment. Additionally, this type of treatment doesn’t permit good depth perception, especially in the dark during activities such as driving or watching movies.

BoydVision now offers a more advanced approach to deal with this problem.

Laser Blended Vision creates an overlap in the field of vision as a “blend zone”, which is tolerated by 97% of the population. For potential candidates, a full and detailed consultation will be provided to collect accurate diagnostic information before the procedure. The right candidate will also need to feel comfortable with a slight difference in the vision between the two eyes.

After Laser Blended Vision treatment, recovery is very rapid. Most patients adapt quickly to their new eyesight, and become much less reliant on glasses.

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