Remove Any Fear of Lasik with Our New Femto Laser

BoydVision now offers Femto Lasik, the safest and most effective laser eye surgery available. Femto, or rather Femtosecond laser-assisted Lasik, uses a separate laser to create a corneal flap before our excimer laser performs the necessary refractive laser eye surgery. This differs from our Custom Lasik procedure which uses a microkeratome blade to create the corneal flap and makes some patients nervous. It is, after all, a sharp blade that makes an incision on the outer layer of your eye!

What Makes Femto Lasik so Safe?

The Femtosecond laser uses ultrashort infrared pulses to create the corneal flap. The pulses are extremely precise and cause minimal collateral tissue damage. Unlike other forms of refractive surgery, the laser yields a more predictable and consistently shaped corneal flap. This also means fewer ocular aberrations, fewer variations in intraocular pressure, and fewer chances of developing dry eyes after surgery. 

The Femtosecond laser is the safest among refractive surgical techniques.

With the added precision of the Femtosecond laser, corneal flaps can be customized according to the personal size, shape, and orientation needs of each patient. Femto Lasik also allows patients who were previously unsuitable for our Custom Lasik procedure a chance at better vision, as the increased precision works well with thinner corneal flaps. 

After Femto Lasik, when the flaps are returned, the edges of the corneal flap tend to fit more securely in place thus decreasing the risk of flap dislocation and other post-op corneal flap issues. Femto Lasik also tends to have a quicker healing time. 

Is Femto Lasik More Effective Than Other Laser Eye Surgeries?

Femtosecond laser-assisted Lasik provides the highest quality of refractive surgery currently available. The operation has better outcomes in terms of quality and recovery times, provides stable results over the long term, and produces fewer chances of complications when compared to other laser eye surgeries. The bladeless factor also helps put many of our patients at ease. 

Here’s a quick recap of the benefits of Femtosecond laser-assisted Lasik:

  • The bladeless procedure offers a high degree of precision when creating corneal flaps
  • Corneal flaps can be customized to suit the personal needs of each patient
  • More consistent and predictably shaped incisions
  • Fewer variations in intraocular pressure make the procedure more comfortable
  • Fewer chances of complications such as ocular aberrations or corneal flap errors
  • Reduced chances of developing dry eyes after laser eye surgery
  • Allows people previously unsuitable for standard Lasik an opportunity to ditch their glasses

The Femtosecond laser is the ideal tool for highly precise ophthalmic surgeries like Lasik. Have any questions? Want to know if you’re eligible for Femto Lasik or one of our other laser eye surgeries? There’s only one way to know for sure, book your free Lasik consultation with us today!