Get Rid of Reading Glasses With Laser Eye Surgery

Nothing ruins settling in on a comfy chair with a good book than realizing your reading glasses are somewhere in another room. Trust us; you are not alone when it comes to having to dig out the reading glasses every time you need to read a menu, newspaper, or the texts on your phone. Thankfully, laser eye surgery is a quick and permanent solution to help you get rid of your glasses and live your best life. Laser Blended Vision Correction is one of the most effective laser eye surgery procedures available to help improve your reading vision.

Laser Blended Vision Correction: Get Rid of Your Reading Glasses for Good

BoydVision’s laser blended vision correction offers numerous advantages compared to traditional procedures like monovision. With monovision, one eye is treated for long distance, while the other is treated to improve reading distances. The issue with this procedure is that almost half of the population is not able to adapt to the visual differences between the two eyes. Another drawback to monovision is that depth perception is often reduced following the procedure.

Similar to monovision, with Laser Blended Vision Correction, one eye is treated for long distances while the other is treated for reading distances. Where this procedure differs is that both eyes have a field of vision overlap known as the blend zone. Having this blend zone significantly improves the patient experience and is tolerated by 97% of the population. In addition to improved vision, patients of Laser Blended Vision Correction also experience a quick recovery and adaptation to their newly improved sight.

Laser Surgery with BoydVision: Say Goodbye to Reading Glasses

At BoydVision, we offer a wide range of laser eye surgery procedures to help our patients reclaim their vision and find freedom from glasses. If you are considering Laser Blended Vision Correction, our experienced ophthalmologist, Dr. Boyd, would be happy to review the procedure with you in a free consultation. For more information and to arrange an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact our laser eye center, and our team would be happy to assist you.