How Long Does LASIK Treatment Last?

For many patients, LASIK can be a completely life-changing experience. As one of the best options available for improving your vision, LASIK surgery is a common treatment for those looking to reclaim their eyesight. For the majority of patients, LASIK eye surgery is a permanent vision solution that can significantly improve your vision for the rest of your life. However, every person is different, and as such, the effectiveness of your treatment can change as you age.

How Long is LASIK Surgery Effective?

Over time, our eyes can change, and our vision can worsen as we age. While LASIK significantly improves vision for patients, ageing can result in natural changes in your eyes that can result in progressively worse vision. These natural changes are the exact same ones that would have caused your reduced vision prior to surgery.

LASIK treatment results are generally stable for patients in the 20-35 age range. For patients in this age bracket, eyes don’t tend to change dramatically, so you can expect your treatment to remain stable. Once patients enter their 40s, reading vision can sometimes see a decrease as the eyes change due to age. Thankfully, even if patients see a decrease in vision as they age, there are still plenty of options for improving your vision.

Restoring Vision Loss Post-LASIK

If you have lost the clarity of vision that LASIK provided, there are still options for restoring your vision. For patients up to the age of 45, our laser eye center can provide a secondary operation to enhance your vision so long as the corneal thickness of your eyes allows for it. For patients over the age of 50, a refractive lens exchange may be the best option for restoring your vision. If you have begun losing your vision post-LASIK, reach out to us and our ophthalmologist, Dr. Boyd, can review your options for restoring your vision.

LASIK Surgery at BoydVision

For the vast majority of patients, LASIK surgery is a life-changing and permanent solution for improving your vision. While ageing can result in a decrease in vision quality, there are still options for restoring your vision post-LASIK and restoring your clarity. For any questions about LASIK eye surgery, don’t hesitate to contact our laser eye center to book an appointment!