Boydvision Blog Year in Review

At Boydvision, we believe our blog has useful information for anyone considering laser eye surgery as a solution to vision problems. So, with 2013 drawing to a close, we thought this would be a good time to review the advice we’ve provided throughout the year.

Blended vision lets you say good bye to reading glasses

In February, we looked at reasons why you should consider laser eye surgery options. Whether it was saving money, aging eyes, environmental considerations, or just to make hobbies and activities more enjoyable, we explained the benefits of Boydvision’s services.

Read the February blog post ‘Will You Be Glasses Free in 2013?


Middle age woman with young girl using laptop computerIn March, we tackled the topic of aging eyes and a common condition called presbyopic hyperopia. We explained why refractive lens exchange is a great solution for individuals who aren’t good candidates for another solution to the problem: blended vision correction.

Read the March blog post ‘Refractive Lens Exchange – A Great Answer for Aging Eyes


golfing seniorsMay flowers and the blossoms of Spring had us thinking about time… and how to use it most effectively. That’s why we focused on our private cataract surgery services – an ideal way to skip the long waiting lists that can accompany public options. We also outlined some of the premium lens choices you can consider when you take the private route to improved vision.


Read the May blog post ‘Reasons To Choose Private Cataract Surgery

June means the end of the school year for many, but we thought it was an ideal time to offer up some learning to our readers. We highlighted blended vision, explaining how it works, what the procedure entails, and why it’s an ideal choice for anyone seeking freedom from reading glasses.


Read the June blog post ‘Understanding Blended Vision

Read the July blog post ‘Which Intraocular Lens Implant Option is Right for You?


2013 brought a beautiful summer to British Columbia. It was hard to think about returning to school as it came to a close. But we ‘went there’ in August, with a blog post for students and teachers, providing reasons why laser eye surgery is a good investment in education for the right candidates. Highlighting custom LASIK, custom PRK, laser blended vision correction, and refractive lens exchange, we gave an overview of the four options and explained when they should be considered as a vision correction solution.


Read the August blog post ‘Back to School with Better Eyesight

Phakic lenses are an interesting advance in ophthalmological treatment. So, in September we helped our readers to better understand the differences between phakic lenses and laser eye surgery, including the reversible nature of a phakic implant and the situations where this solution can help those who are less than 35 years old or aren’t suitable candidates for LASIK or PRK surgery.


Read the September blog post ‘Phakic Lenses – A Laser Eye Surgery Alternative

There are some questions about laser eye surgery that we hear quite often. October’s blog post tackled the six most common things people ask when considering a procedure. Ever wondered about the risks, whether the procedures hurt, or medical coverage options in British Columbia? We gave the answers to those issues, along with three other common questions.


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In November, many a British Columbian turns their eyes to the skies and the mountains. After all, anticipating snow and the opportunities for winter sports it brings is a time-honoured tradition across Canada. We thought it was also the right time to look at eye protection for activities such as skiing and snowmobiling, explaining why laser eye surgery offers more choices and a way to save money.


Read the November blog post ‘Laser Eye Surgery – A Solution for Snow Sports

Now it’s December and the year draws to a close. We look forward to spending time with family and friends in this season of good cheer. So, from all of us at Boydvision, we wish you the happiest of holidays and a healthy and prosperous New Year!