Reasons To Choose Private Cataract Surgery

Tens of thousands of British Columbians get cataract surgery every year. With so many people requiring the procedure, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to discover that waiting times can be over a year long for many people across Canada. This can be a big hassle when you have to juggle work, family, and other responsibilities. Since we first wrote this article back in 2013, the demand for cataract surgery has only increased.

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Many people want to explore their options once they realize they need cataract surgery. Waiting times are a big factor in their decision, but so is cost. So, if cataract surgery has been recommended for your eyes, you may wish to consider our private cataract surgery options. Here’s why.

Private Cataract Surgery Is Faster

At Boydvision we can usually schedule the procedure within a few weeks after your initial consultation and find a time that suits your schedule. Since 2013, we’ve also been welcoming more and more patients from outside of Vancouver and B.C.. In the last year, waitlist times for residents of Alberta have been averaging approximately six months. We’ve even had patients come to us from Alberta after being told they’d have to wait a whole year for their cataract surgery. Compared to the limited appointment options and long waiting lists you can experience going the public route, it’s easy to understand why many of our clients consider a private approach to be a better value. Find out more about becoming an out-of-town patient.

The Patient’s Budget

The government has expanded the lens choices covered by MSP to include foldable IOL (intra-ocular lenses). That’s good news for cataract patients, whether they choose a public or private surgical option, because these lenses allow for smaller incisions and faster recovery times. Other premium lenses are multi-focal by design and work in a fashion similar to bifocals or progressive lens glasses. There are also trifocal lenses available to improve the close, midzone and far vision. A consult and discussion with Dr. Boyd to determine the best lens for your vision correction will give you the information you need to make an informed decision about improving your vision.

At Boydvision there are several different multi-focal lens options to suit a patient’s needs and budget. They allow a person to see equally as well at distance and reading without glasses. We also have implants that correct astigmatism. These are called “toric” implants and will correct the distance vision but patients will have to wear reading glasses. This option isn’t covered under public healthcare. People who wear glasses and have cataract surgery under the government health plan will still require glasses after surgery. If you are undergoing eye surgery for cataracts, you should consider treating your prescription at the same time. Why not combine two vision correction procedures into one surgery?

A patient can pay extra for premium implants if undergoing cataract surgery under the provincial health plan. Many patients do however decide that if they are paying for the implants, they may as well go down the private route to enjoy the benefits much sooner.

No MSP Required

If you aren’t currently covered by B.C. Medical because you are a recent arrival to the province or country, that’s just one more hurdle you’d have to overcome before you could have your eyes treated. With Boydvision’s private cataract surgeries, you are free to pay by the method that’s best for you.

If you are on a waitlist for cataract surgery, call today to book a free consultation with our eye surgeon, Dr. Boyd, to find out about our private cataract surgery and how soon your surgery could be scheduled.