Reasons To Choose Private Cataract Surgery

Tens of thousands of British Columbians get cataract surgery every year. With so many people requiring the procedure, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to discover that waiting times can be over a year long at some B.C. hospitals. A big hassle when you have to juggle work, family, or other responsibilities. And with our aging population, demand for the procedure is likely to increase.

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Many people want to explore their options once they realize they need cataract surgery. Waiting times are a big factor in their decision, but so is cost. So, if cataract surgery has been recommended for your eyes, you may wish to consider our private cataract surgery options. Here’s why:

It’s Faster. At Boydvision we can usually schedule the procedure within a few weeks after your initial consultation and find a time that suits your schedule. Compared to the limited appointment options and long waiting lists you’ll experience going the public route, it’s easy to understand why many of our clients consider a private approach a better value.

Cost-Effective. The government has expanded the lens choices covered by MSP to include foldable IOL (intra-ocular lenses). That’s good news for cataract patients, whether they choose a public or private surgical option, because these lens allow for smaller incisions and faster recovery times. Other premium lens are multi-focal by design and work in fashion similar to bifocals or progressive lens glasses. Boydvision uses three different multi-focal lens, depending on which one is most suitable for the patient’s needs and their budget.

We also have premium implants that correct astigmatism called “toric” implants. These allow one to see without any glasses, and can used just for distance (then the patient only needs reading glasses afterwards), or incorporated into the “multifocal” so those people with astigmatism can see equally well at distance and reading without any glasses.

Because the price of premium implants is the biggest part of the cost in both public and private surgical options, it’s more cost-effective to go with the private option, as you enjoy the benefits much sooner than waiting for an opening in the public system.

No MSP Required. If you aren’t currently covered by BC Medical, because you are a recent arrival to the province, that’s just one more hurdle you’d have to overcome before you could have your eyes treated. With Boydvision’s private cataract surgeries, you are free to pay by the method that’s best for you.

If you are on a wait list for cataract surgery, consider Boydvision’s private clinic. Is the right choice for you a premium lens option and the convenience you can’t get with the public system? Why not contact us to book a free consultation so you can make an informed choice?