Will You Be Glasses Free in 2016?

Blended vision lets you say good bye to reading glasses
Blended vision lets you say good bye to reading glasses

Are you going to spend another year looking for lost glasses, fiddling with contact lenses, or squinting to see? Why waste your time and money? Laser eye surgery is a sensible option for anyone who wants to enjoy better vision, along with freedom from the hassles and expense of prescription glasses or contacts.

Consider this. Boydvision’s customized laser treatment is offered at the most reasonable price in Canada (with interest-free financing for qualifying patients). You could have a long-term solution for your eyesight, for about the same cost as a couple of pairs of designer frames with prescription lenses, or a few year’s worth of disposable contact lenses. And while you might think you could donate your out-of-date glasses to charity and feel good about helping someone in a developing nation, it turns out the issue is a bit more complex.

Then there’s the non-recyclable waste that accompanies disposable contact lenses and/or cleaning solution. While not big in volume, it still has a negative impact on the environment, from manufacture to disposal. A 2003 study on the topic pegged contact lense waste as accounting for 0.5% of the waste we generate and called it insignificant. But that would still be 3.5 kg of waste every year for conventional contact lenses and doesn’t account for the energy required to manufacture and transport the products. So, it may not be something you’ve thought of while considering laser eye surgery, but it has some eco-friendly advantages too!

If you have aging eyes, and require reading glasses or bifocals, there’s a laser eye surgery solution for you too. Boydvision’s blended vision procedure makes it possible to read and do other close-up vision tasks, without needing glasses. Wouldn’t it be nice to go out for dinner in a trendy restaurant and not have your friends teasing you when the menu arrives and you have to pull out your reading glasses to read the small print in dim light? Can you imagine getting a text on your smart phone and not wishing your arms were six inches longer so you could read the message?

And what about your hobbies? Whether you like to tinker in the garage or woodshop, create useful and beautiful crafts, or enjoy artistic pursuits such as sketching or painting, it’s easier to do your best work when glasses aren’t constantly slipping off your nose.

Once you start to add up the advantages, it’s easy to see why roughly tens of thousands of Canadians choose laser eye surgery every year. Make 2016 the year you join them in the freedom of living without glasses.

There are so many reasons to consider laser eye surgery.

Which one will motivate you to book a free consultation?