Why fall is the best time to get eye surgery

When is the best time to get eye surgery? In our opinion, fall is the best season to receive vision correction. Not only will you appreciate your newfound vision during this beautiful time of year, but you’ll also be avoiding several pitfalls that come up in the spring, summer or winter.

Here are four reasons why fall is the best time to get eye surgery:

  1. You get to avoid bright sunlight

Bright sunlight can be stressful for eyes after surgery. Your vision may improve in the summer due to the extra light, but this is not the best time to recover from an eye surgery. Winter suffers from a similar dilemma – sunlight can bounce off the white snow directly into your eyes, causing additional stress.

Your eyes may be sensitive after eye surgery, and it will take time to get accustomed to bright colours. Fall is the perfect time for vision correction – right between summer and winter.

  1. Reduced visibility in cold winter weather

Cold temperatures can sometimes make your eyes dry and itchy, and winter weather can affect your visibility. Fog, snow and hailstorms can make winter difficult even for people with perfect vision. Having vision correction surgery done in the fall means better vision when the stormy weather rolls in. Plus, you’ll have another reason to celebrate this holiday season.

  1. Spring is allergy season for many

We’ve identified that summer and winter aren’t the best times to receive eye surgery. But what about spring?

Spring isn’t a bad time to get eye surgery – but it isn’t ideal. The spring wind brings with it grains of pollen which may irritate your eyes. Many people are also allergic to pollen from various plant species in the spring – and pollen count differs from year to year.

A runny nose or swollen eyes is not how you’d like to handle post-surgery rehabilitation. It may lengthen your recovery time – which is something we all want to avoid.

  1. Recover now, to prepare for the busy seasons ahead

Another reason to opt for eye surgery in the fall is to give yourself time to recover before the busy holiday season. Having eye surgery completed earlier will allow you to recover completely, so you’re ready to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family.

While weather isn’t the sole factor in deciding when to receive eye surgery (although if you live in Vancouver – weather is something we do talk about a lot), choosing the right time of year to receive vision correction can shorten the recovery period and help ease you back into a regular, more beautiful lifestyle.

  1. Don’t delay. Inquire now!

We believe that eye surgery is a safe and effective option for vision correction.

We offer private cataract surgery to avoid the long waits at the hospital as well as refractive lens exchange, and laser eye surgery: PRK, Lasik and Blended Vision.

At BoydVision we have more options for vision correction for all ages, the best prices as well as the friendliest staff in town.  Make an informed decision about your eyesight by consulting professionals in the field.  Schedule a free consultation with our laser eye clinic in Burnaby this fall.