Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery – Not Needing Glasses In The Fall

For those of you who have already received laser eye surgery, you already know the benefits of permanent vision correction. But for those of you who wear glasses for vision correction every day, the fall and winter seasons are reminders that glasses can be cumbersome at times.

Glasses can hamper some aspects of your lifestyle and deter you from developing safe habits for activities during the colder seasons of the year. Above all else – stay safe!

Here are 5 examples of how glasses can impede daily activity during the fall and winter seasons:

1. Rain, Snow and Fog

Have you ever smudged your glasses by accident, without having glasses cleaner on hand? It’s annoying – and you’ll experience more annoyances from the elements during the fall and winter seasons.

Walking into a warm room after spending time in the cold air outside, instantly fogs up your glasses. Walking in the rain is just as bad – water constantly falls on your spectacles.

It’s also a given that you shouldn’t go cycling in the rain with glasses on. What are you going to do with your hands – wipe your glasses while cycling? Don’t do it!

And that brings us to our second point – physical activity.

2. Physical Activity in Cold Air

Fresh snow in Whistler – what a great time to go skiing or snowboarding! A great time, that is, unless you’re wearing glasses.

Like watching a 3D movie with glasses on, it’s tough to feel comfortable while wearing a pair of goggles over your glasses. It’s even worse not to wear goggles – since the snow will get on your glasses and ruin your day.

Someone needs to invent a set of windshield wipers for prescription glasses (except for the fact that this would look ridiculous). It’s a nuisance.

Stay safe and wear goggles, to look forward to a bright skiing day in the horizon!

3. Sun Glare & Bright Lights

Speaking of bright days – don’t think that summer is the only time when the sun is bright. In fact, rays from the sun can be even more dangerous in the winter as they reflect directly off the snow and onto your eyes.

Sun glare from the snow and puddles of rain is particularly dangerous while driving. Not only is sun glare distracting to the driver, but prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays have been linked to eye damage or even cataracts. This is why we recommend wearing a pair of sunglasses on a bright day following a snowstorm.

But – who wants to wear sunglasses over a pair of glasses? Unless you’ve already prescribed a set of prescription sunglasses, you’re left in the dark.

4. Glasses Glare

The flipside to sun glare on bright days is the fact that days are shorter, evenings come earlier, and it gets progressively darker as the year draws to an end.

That’s good for your eyes, right? Yup!

Except, that is, if people can see your eyes at all.

Have you ever tried taking a group photo or selfie in the dark, with your glasses on? You know what we’re talking about. Get ready for an entire season of glasses glare!

Many glasses users complain about the light bouncing off their glasses in photos or portraits. Well, now you can look forward to darker backgrounds and glasses glare as the sun falls earlier and earlier in the day.

Very uncool.

5. Fall Fashion

Speaking of uncool…well, we’re not one to judge glasses as a form of fashion. Glasses can be a bold fashion statement. The drawback is when you’re required to wear glasses all the time, and require a prescription in order to wear glasses, even for fun.

With laser eye surgery, you’ll never need to worry if your glasses detract from your facial features or clash with your outfit. You can choose whether or not you want to look cute one day, or smart the next.


The choice of vision correction belongs to you. We’re not saying that glasses are bad, per se. But we strongly believe that laser vision correction and eye surgery can provide you with options and the freedom of choice.

Glasses are inexpensive and can be trendy at times – but can be a pain to use on a daily basis. They can impede physical activity, and the constant pressure on your temples may result in headaches.

At BoydVision, our laser eye clinic offers a variety of eye surgeries at a reasonable price. Laser eye surgery can be cheaper than you may expect – and is a permanent vision correction solution.

Many of our patients would agree that having full peripheral vision is a great outcome of having received laser eye surgery. While fall and winter aren’t the best times to wear glasses, fall is certainly the best time to receive laser eye surgery.

Do you have any questions about laser eye surgery and vision correction? Contact our laser eye clinic for more information – we’re always happy to help!