11 Celebrities Who Opted For LASIK Eye Surgery – And Why

LASIK eye surgery is a quick and painless procedure that eliminates nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism so you can live your life to the fullest.

There are many benefits of LASIK eye surgery, such as eliminating the need to wear glasses, and many celebrities around the world have opted for this procedure to improve their quality of life.

For many of the celebrities on this list, LASIK eye surgery has helped shape their career and improve their quality of life.

Here are 11 celebrities who’ve chosen LASIK so they can see the world in 20/20 again:

1. Courtney Cox – F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Little-known fact: Courtney Cox was almost legally blind before opting for LASIK eye surgery. Courtney was extremely nearsighted with 20/400 vision, requiring glasses in order to read her scripts.

Courtney had trouble recognizing her female Friends co-stars, and her poor vision was disrupting her acting career. Courtney couldn’t read cue cards properly, and resorted to wearing glasses and contact lenses.

Eventually, glasses were unable to correct her vision perfectly, and Courtney was getting sick of wearing contact lenses all the time.

So, what was her solution? Courtney opted for LASIK – and was relieved to never have to rely on glasses ever again.

2. Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers in the world and, needless to say, his poor vision was holding him back. A quick LASIK procedure allowed him to develop keen eyesight after being nearly legally blind for years.

Tiger Woods went on to win the Disney Classic after his LASIK surgery in 1999. Not a bad way to start a life with 20/20 vision!

3. Drew Carey – Whose Line Is It Anyway


Wait! Doesn’t Drew Carey still wear his signature thick, black glasses?

Actually, the lovable host of Whose Line Is It Anyway got laser eye surgery years ago, and only wears his signature glasses to have a consistent image.

Turns out it’s not exactly fun to need to rely on glasses all the time!

4. Elton John


You know what’s fun? Having 5,000 pairs of fashionable glasses to match with your flamboyant outfit. You know what’s not fun? Needing to fit each pair of glasses with prescription lenses.

Elton John opted for LASIK so he wouldn’t need to fit a new pair of prescription glasses for each show. Now, the famous singer only wears glasses for style.

With 20/20 vision, you decide whether or not you want to wear glasses. Have your cake, and eat it, too!

5. Lebron James


Is Lebron James a keen shooter? You bet.

Was Lebron James always a keen shot? Maybe not.

We’re not saying that LASIK eye surgery was the source of Lebron James’ success. But we wonder – how well would he perform without LASIK to correct his poor vision?

That’s a question we’ll never have to answer, since Lebron James has two championship wins under his belt, following his LASIK procedure.

6. “Weird” Al Yankovic


Good ol’ Al decided to become a little less weird, and opted for LASIK back in 1998. Maybe his hit parody Like a Surgeon had something to do with his decision to live a life with 20/20 vision?

7. Nicole Kidman


“I was walking around legally blind. Now I have 20-20 vision. I can’t believe I spent so many years blurry” – Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman decided to opt for LASIK after being nominated for an Academy Award, so she wouldn’t need to wear glasses to read her acceptance speech.

Nicole was terrified of the procedure – and even had her husband (Keith Urban) hold her hand throughout the entire procedure. Now, Nicole can barely believe that she spent so many years with blurry vision.

Good for you, Nicole!

8. Brad Pitt


It turns out that being forced to wear glasses wouldn’t be the best option for Fight Club.

We’re glad that Brad decided to opt for LASIK, so we can see his unobscured face. Now, it goes both ways; we get to see his perfect acting, he gets to see us with perfect vision.

9. Michael Bolton


“How am I supposed to live without you?”

We’d like to think that Michael wrote this song about LASIK and 20/20 vision.

Michael has referred to his LASIK experience as “life-altering” – clearly, he wouldn’t have wanted anything else. Even when you’re a millionaire – perfect vision is priceless.

10. Richard Branson


As someone who tries to see the real picture behind business, life, and everything in between – it’s not a surprise that Richard has opted for LASIK eye surgery.

Maybe LASIK gave him a clearer vision for success? In any case – it looks like LASIK is doing well for him!

11. Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson’s terrible vision made her nearly blind. Yet, after LASIK surgery, she’s now an accomplished actress, singer, fashion designer, businesswoman…the list goes on!

LASIK eye surgery has helped many of these celebrities perform in their career, and appreciate a higher quality of life. They’re all happy with the results – and it’s clear that LASIK was the right choice for them. The good news? You don’t have to be famous or to be a millionaire to have LASIK done. At BoydVision we have the most affordable prices and payment options for laser eye surgery in Vancouver – you will be pleasantly surprised! We also have many other eye vision correction surgeries to meet your unique eye care needs!

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