Why You Should Choose Private Cataract Surgery In 2017

Private cataract surgery allows you to reduce the wait line to see the ophthalmologist. In BC, over 22,000 people are still waiting for elective cataract surgery, resulting in wait times up to and over a full year.

At BoydVision, we offer private cataract surgery to address the growing need for long-term vision correction in Vancouver and Burnaby. But even more so than reducing wait times, we find that private cataract surgery is right for our clients because we offer an extensive array of premium eye surgery options.

Near Vision Correction

What happens if you’re still farsighted after cataract surgery?

Many cataract surgery options do not provide the patient with near sight vision even after a successful surgical procedure. This means that most patients will still require reading glasses after receiving implants.

We offer the Symfony lens during surgery to correct your vision, eliminating the need for reading glasses after having had cataract or refractive lens exchange surgery. By opting for private cataract surgery, we can offer you options that correct presbyopia, allowing you to focus on nearby and distant objects.

Using premium implants to correct astigmatism and presbyopia allows you to correct your vision during your cataract/lens exchange surgery – effectively solving two issues at once.

Convenient And Timely

While it could take a year of waiting to receive cataract surgery from a BC hospital, we can schedule your procedure within a few weeks after your initial consultation.

This means that you can save a year’s worth of blurry vision while juggling work, hobbies and responsibilities. By taking care of your vision – for good – earlier, you’ll receive much more value out of private cataract than taking the public option.

Customizable Options

When opting for private cataract surgery, you choose the option which is most suited for your needs and budget. We offer various different multi-focal lens at BoydVision, allowing you to choose between premium lenses depending on your budget.

If you are a new resident to BC, rest assured that you do not need MSP coverage to pay for cataract surgery; you are free to pay via the method that is most convenient to you.

If you’re looking to get cataract surgery without waiting for a year, if you’d like access to a wide range of premium lens options, or if you’d simply like to make an informed choice, contact BoydVision for a free consultation for private cataract surgery today.