Recommended Sleeping Positions For Proper Recovery After Cataract Eye Surgery

Over 500,000 people have cataract surgery procedures performed every year in Canada. A 2021 survey revealed that almost two-thirds of Canadian seniors aged 55 to 79 know very little or nothing about cataracts. Are you considering getting cataract eye surgery? If so, you may have done your research about how to prepare for it, as well as what the surgery will look like. What you may not have considered is how you will sleep after the surgery is performed. The aftercare of your eyes post-eye surgery is extremely important as your eyes need to heal and recover. 

3 guidelines for sleeping to keep in mind when you’ve had cataract eye surgery. 

  1. Sleeping on your back for a few nights after the cataract eye procedure will help prevent you from rubbing and putting pressure on your eyes. If your eye doctor recommends or provides you with a protective shield to wear while sleeping post-surgery, use it. It will help prevent you from rubbing your eyes, as well as adding extra pressure. 
  2. Some people need to sleep on their side in order to fall asleep. If you need to sleep on your side, avoid sleeping on the side you were operated on. Let that eye heal without adding any unnecessary extra pressure. Use pillows to keep your head and body in place to avoid moving around while you sleep. Moving around is common, and sleeping on your back may be uncomfortable. Placing pillows to support you can make the situation a little more comfortable while protecting your eye.  
  3. Try not to strain the eye by only reading and having screen time for short periods of time. This is only temporary and will help your eye heal.

Helping your eye heal by following the proper aftercare post-surgery is important. Being mindful of your sleeping position by following these simple guidelines and following your doctor’s instructions should help your eye recover properly. 

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