Common Age-Related Vision Problems

With age comes wisdom, but unfortunately, it can also bring some vision problems. These are the most common vision problems we treat at our Vancouver laser eye surgery centre.


Cataracts are surprisingly common. The majority of people will experience cataracts to some extent at one point in life. While there are things you can do to keep cataracts from progressing, cataract surgery is recommended once they begin affecting a person’s ability to perform normal activities.

Cataract surgery is covered under the B.C. provincial health plan but for those who prefer to get treated privately, or would rather avoid the long wait lists, the procedure is available at our Burnaby surgical centre. When Dr. Boyd isn’t performing cataract surgery as a staff surgeon at Burnaby General Hospital, he brings his decades of experience to our laser eye surgery centre.

Difficulty Focusing

Most people will begin to lose focusing power after the age of 45. People who have previously not required reading glasses, may find they do as they get older. Many people struggle to adjust to glasses and chose to undergo Laser Blended Vision Correction.

This laser eye surgery procedure involves creating an overlap in the field of vision as a “blend zone” to improve a person’s ability to focus on an object or words in both eyes. The procedure is tolerated by 97% of the population unlike other procedures such as monovision. Monovision had been the standard way to treat this problem before laser blended vision correction. The procedure optimizes one eye for distance and the other for reading. The problem with this is that almost half of the population cannot tolerate having visual differences between eyes. Dr. Boyd can determine if you are a candidate for Blended Vision laser eye surgery.

If you’d like to discuss any of our laser eye surgery procedures, contact our team today. We would be happy to answer any of your questions or schedule you in for a free consultation with our surgeon, Dr. Boyd.