What Are The Benefits Of Laser Blended Vision?

Many clinics offer laser eye surgery which eventually require patients to wear glasses or bifocals due to the effects of aging on the eye. At BoydVision, we offer laser blended vision to reduce or eliminate the need for bifocals for many years after surgery.

If you have ever wanted to throw away your reading glasses for good – laser blended vision could be for you!

What Is Laser Blended Vision?

Laser blended vision allows qualified individuals to overcome the effects of aging on the eye (this is known as presbyopia). Presbyopia affects all individuals, but if left unchecked one may need to wear bifocals or glasses even after having had laser eye surgery in the past.

What happens with age is that the lens inside your eye will stiffen, while the surrounding muscles become weaker, making it difficult for your eyes to shift focus. This means that over time, the effects of laser eye surgery can weaken.

Overcoming Presbyopia with  Laser Blended Vision

To overcome presbyopia, some clinics offer monovision treatment to correct your dominant eye for distance vision, leaving your other eye nearsighted. The brain adapts to combine the two eyes, granting near and far vision.

Monovision is a less sophisticated form of laser blended vision, and only works for half of the qualified individuals with vision problems. Laser blended vision, on the other hand, works for nearly all qualified individuals by correcting both eyes.

Receiving laser blended vision requires a quick and relatively painless laser eye surgery, and is one of the best ways to avoid glasses or contacts for a long period of time.

BoydVision Provides Laser Blended Vision to Burnaby and Vancouver

BoydVision uses a Mel 80 laser for laser eye surgery, the only type of laser that provides laser blended vision. We offer a wide range of eye surgery procedures, to allow our patients to acquire vision correction that is customized for their eye health needs.

Laser blended vision allows patients to overcome some of the effects of time on their eyes, but is not the only treatment of presbyopia you’ll find at BoydVision.

If you are nearsighted, laser blended vision can be a suitable form of vision correction. Whether you are young or old, with dry eyes or not, BoydVision offers a preoperative consultation to present you with all the best vision correction options available.

Every case is unique, so no laser eye surgery should be performed without the patient having had a preoperative consultation. We can correct presbyopia through both laser eye surgery and refractive lens exchange. Schedule a free consultation today to see if you are qualified to receive laser blended vision.