Imagine Life Without Glasses or Contacts

If you’re debating laser eye surgery in Vancouver, a little bit of time spent imagining the benefits of life afterwards might help you say yes! So join us as we look at three scenarios to help stir your imagination for life after laser eye surgery.

Imagine swimming after laser eye surgery

It’s Friday and you’ve planned a morning swim before the workday begins. There’s no need to navigate the double task of wearing your glasses to the arena and packing contacts and solution into your duffel bag⏤because you can see! Arriving into the steamy change room, you see other swimmers struggling with foggy glasses. Goggles are slipped on without a second thought as you head out and dive into the water. You can see clearly from end to end of the pool, and even wave at a friend who you recognize without squinting an errant contact back into your eye. Out of the pool and you’re ready to shower and start your day⏤all thanks to the power of laser eye surgery.

Imagine running after laser eye surgery

It’s time for your evening run and guess what? You don’t need to waste time debating whether to keep in the contacts you’ve been wearing all day or make the cumbersome switch over to glasses. Your vision is clear and you can slip on your running shoes and leave the house instantly. Rounding the block a second time, you realize that you can take in everything without the wind irritating your contacts or your glasses slipping down a sweaty nose⏤hurray! Back at home and you go straight into the shower without the hassle of taking out your contacts. You’ve enjoyed a beautiful evening run thanks to the gift of laser eye surgery.

Imagine working after laser eye surgery

You’re up at the sound of your alarm and look at that⏤the numbers on the clock are crystal clear without contacts or glasses! You’re able to get out of bed, change, shower and eat breakfast with clear vision and no time wasted poking in contacts or finding your (once again) misplaced glasses. At your computer, you are even more thankful to realize that the extended screen doesn’t affect your vision. At the end of the day, your eyes aren’t strained and you haven’t been pushing your glasses up your nose all day. It’s time to say cheers to the weekend thanks to laser eye surgery.

Have we stirred your imagination?

If you’re feeling more excited about the possibility of laser eye surgery, don’t hesitate to give us a call for your free consultation. We’re here to answer all your questions and you’ll have the opportunity to meet our expert surgeon, Dr. Boyd.