Spring Greeting from Dr. Michael Boyd

When it comes to ophthalmology, good patient outcomes require medical experience, combined with know-how regarding advanced technologies. At Boydvision we are proud of our experienced people and the procedures we use to deliver the latest surgical solutions for improved eyesight.

If you are over 45, uninterested in bifocals, and intrigued by the possibility of blended vision laser surgery, you should know that Boydvision is one of only three places in Western Canada where you can have this procedure.

source: Alcon

Multi-focal implants also keep getting better and better. We have been routinely doing these implants and can advise as to the best lenses for you.

BC’s outdoors and adventure lifestyle is more than just a great brand. We all love to get outside and enjoy nature. And good eyesight is a big part of that, whether you want good eyesight for action sports or relaxed sightseeing.

If you spend a lot of time outside, reduce your risk of eye damage now to protect from potentially chronic conditions later in life

 For younger adults who are not candidates for refractive laser surgery such as PRK or LASIK, Phakic Implant surgery is often a viable alternative surgical procedure.The procedure usually takes less than 45 minutes for both eyes, and recovery time is only a few hours. The major advantage of the Phakic Implant is that it preserves reading vision. The lens can be removed later in life when cataract surgery is needed. It’s also possible to treat a wider range of nearsightedness. Also, a much wider range of nearsightedness can be corrected, providing a stable refractive outcome and excellent vision quality. Other advantages include the reversibility of the procedure.

One of the benefits we offer our patients is the range of procedures available at Boydvision. Because we can give you the right solution for your needs, we won’t pressure you to try an operation that might not offer the very best outcome. We match the procedure to the patient. And because our experienced team, including our doctors and our COMTs (Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist) are involved throughout your procedure, you get the continuity of care to help you make the best decision.

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Dr. Michael Boyd