Am I Too Young Or Old for Laser Eye Surgery?

When you’re looking to have laser eye surgery in Vancouver, there are certain requirements that you need to meet. That’s why we have a free laser eye surgery consultation for anyone curious about having a procedure done at BoydVision. We will run you through several tests to understand your prescription, your health, the shape and thickness of your cornea, and more. We’ll then be able to give you our professional recommendation for the best course of action. Every eye is unique, and we treat them that way!

One of the questions we get asked a lot is whether age matters when it comes to laser eye surgery. The reality is that age can be a factor in determining your eligibility for a procedure in certain circumstances. 

Am I Too Young for Laser Eye Surgery?

At BoydVision, we don’t typically offer laser eye surgery to anyone under the age of 19. It is generally best for a person to wait until their mid-twenties for surgery as prescriptions tend to change up to this point. To be a good candidate for laser eye surgery, having a stable prescription for two years is one of our main requirements. 

If you were to opt for the surgery while your vision is still changing, you might only have perfect vision for a few months to a year before noticing nearsightedness, farsightedness, or the return of astigmatism. And that wouldn’t be good.

Waiting until you have a stable prescription means that after laser eye surgery, you’ll be able to be glasses and contacts free for years!

Am I Too Old for Laser Eye Surgery?

As you grow older, your overall health is a more important factor than your age when it comes to laser eye surgery. You are still required to have stable vision for a couple of years before we perform any type of procedure. 

Many patients older than 40 have an age-related condition known as presbyopia. To help fix this, we offer Laser Blended Vision Correction, which allows you to see both near and far. The only way to know if you’re a candidate for this procedure  is to book a consultation with us. 

Book Your Consultation for Laser Eye Surgery in Vancouver

BoydVision has been offering laser eye surgery in Vancouver since 1995 and has helped thousands of people see clearly. If you’re ready to ditch your glasses, make sure to book your free laser eye surgery consultation with us!