New Year, New Vision

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Considering laser eye surgery and a new outlook on life for the New Year? Ready to free yourself from the hassles of glasses or contacts? To help you make a decision that’s right for you, here are some important facts about laser eye surgery you should consider:

The Canadian Ophthalmological Society calls laser surgery of the eye “a safe, precise technique.” But the procedure doesn’t just have the approval of the eye care community. A 2009 peer review of quality of life and patient satisfaction literature regarding the LASIK procedure found satisfaction rates of over 95% were the norm (Ophthalmology, Volume 116, Issue 4, April 2009) making LASIK surgery the highest rated elective surgery for patient satisfaction.

Notably, there is also strong support for the procedure from the military. At a US Federal Drug Administration public hearing in 2008, laser vision correction was endorsed by a former Special Forces soldier turned eye surgeon, who characterized LASIK as an ideal solution for the battlefield, where glasses or contacts are susceptible to loss, damage, dust, and fogging – situations which could put lives at risk during combat operations. Speaking to the same panel, a Navy MD pointed to studies that showed only one disability retirement related to complication from laser eye surgery in the military (an incidence of only 0.009%) and successful flap stability tests showing the procedure can withstand the high G-forces encountered during ejection from a fighter jet and high-altitude parachute jumps.

So, laser eye surgery is deemed safe by regulatory bodies and the vast majority of patients are happy with the surgical outcomes. But is it worth the cost? At BoydVision Centre, we offer a fixed price of $995 per eye for custom LASIK or PRK surgery, plus interest-free financing. Not only is that less than the average industry price, it’s a good investment. With average frames costing around $200, and expensive designer glasses often $500 or more, losing or breaking those fancy frames can get expensive fast, plus you’ll probably want to update them regularly as styles change. Disposable contacts are also expensive. Not only that, for those who are concerned about the environment, it’s important to remember they’ll end up in the landfill, along with the packaging they came in. When you consider these factors, it’s easy to see how laser eye surgery’s lifetime solution is a sensible, cost-efficient way to correct your vision.

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