Let Lasik Help You Hit The Slopes

Whistler opened its doors (or rather its lifts) on November 22nd this year and BoydVision wants to help you make the most out of it. Imagine hitting the slopes and carving down the mountain with clear vision; no contacts, no glasses, just you and unadulterated vision. That’s what our custom lasik eye surgery can provide.

When travelling quickly on the slopes, it’s imperative to have clear vision. Did you know that 74% of catastrophic injuries when skiing or snowboarding are caused by collisions? To have the safest and most comfortable experience possible, seeing clearly is quite important! If you currently have a prescription and are wearing glasses or contacts, then you need to come and see us.

Increase Your Comfort

There are many reasons to give up glasses especially if you frequent the mountains. To protect your eyes when skiing, you should be wearing goggles. Goggles protect your eyes from debris in the air when moving quickly and act as sunglasses. If you’ve ever tried to wear your prescription glasses underneath goggles, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Also, glasses have a tendency to fog up constantly due to temperature changes, which happens quite often in the mountains.

Increase Your Safety

So you decide to pop in some contacts for comfort and clarity. Your goggles fit over your face and you can see clearly. Problem solved! That is… until the mix of cold air and wind start to dry out your eyes. You’ve fixed one problem only to cause another.

Dry and windy weather is particularly irritating for contact wearers. Make sure you always carry some eye drops to combat the problem.  

You’ve popped in some eye drops between runs and are ready to go! If you’ve ever sped down the mountain at top speed, you might have noticed your eyes start to tear up. If you’re wearing contacts, tears can build up behind the lens and actually push them out of your eyes causing you to lose sight midway down a run. Not the best place to suddenly lose vision.

Custom Lasik Can Help

Are you curious to see what can be done to improve your mountain experience this winter?  BoydVision will be happy to provide you with a free consultation for lasik eye surgery, to see if it’s right for you. For the avid skier, this means you’ll be able to comfortably and safely enjoy your favourite winter sport. No need to worry about foggy lenses, dry eyes, or discomfort. Your only problem will be deciding which run to hit first! So give us a call at 604.430.9560 or send us a message to set up your free consultation.