Why You Should Get Rid Of Your Glasses Once And For All.

You’ve worn your glasses for years.  The same pair you put on your face day-in and day-out.  Every morning, putting them on your face, losing them in the middle of the day, protecting them, and storing them away at night.  But, there is an easier way to clear vision. Having laser eye surgery is a safe and effective way to get rid of your glasses once and for all.  

But why should you get rid of your glasses? After all, people have been wearing them for years. Well here are the top 10 reasons that our customers chose laser eye surgery.

  • You Keep Losing Your Glasses
    Have you ever said “where did I put my glasses?” Only to realize that they are on your forehead?  Keeping a close eye on your glasses isn’t always an easy task.
  • Showering
    Generally any water related activity can be difficult with glasses. After laser eye surgery, there would be no more mistaking the shampoo bottle for conditioner.
  • Sunglasses
    You can’t buy just any pair of sunglasses.  You need prescription ones, and boy can they be a hassle, and expensive!
  • Weather
    It rains a lot on the west coast so you’ll need a good umbrella to keep you, and your glasses dry in the rain.  Getting caught in a quick downpour can leave you with some very spotty glasses.
  • Poor Peripheral Vision
    Your sight is limited by the size and design of your frames.  Glasses can improve your vision, but only to an extent.
  • Other People Wearing Your Glasses
    Has anyone ever said, “Hey, can I try your glasses on? Whoa you really are blind!”
  • Always Dirty
    It’s impossible to keep your glasses clean.  Keeping the lenses fingerprint free is quite the chore.
  • Cooking
    Have you ever checked to see if a pot was boiling, lifted the lid up and immediately went blind from the fog? You never quite get used to that one!.
  • Exercising
    Any kind of movement faster than a stroll has the potential to slide your glasses off your head.  Let’s just hope they don’t break when they hit the ground.
  • Price
    If you replace a $200 pair of glasses every-other year, then you would have spent $2000 in 20 years, and that’s not even considering the cost of prescription sunglasses and new prescriptions.

That’s why our customers choose to get rid of their glasses for good!  At BoydVision, you can get a free laser eye surgery consultation with Dr. Boyd. Just call 604.430.9560, or send us a message using the form below and one of our friendly staff will get back to you in no-time so you can finally say, “goodbye glasses!”