Lasik in the Long Run

Every year, thousands of Canadians opt for a Lasik procedure to improve their vision and it’s not hard to understand why. The operation is quick, effective, and when compared to glasses and contacts, more affordable. And did you know studies have shown that Lasik yields the highest patient satisfaction rating of any elective procedure? It’s true!

Lasik operations last only minutes, but the positive effects can potentially last a lifetime. To understand the long-term benefits of the procedure, we must first understand how Lasik works.

What Does Lasik Correct?

Lasik stands for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis. That’s quite a mouthful! What this really means is that a sophisticated laser permanently reshapes your cornea to help focus light properly on your retina. This helps improve your vision. Since the corneal reshaping is permanent, you will likely enjoy years of improved vision without relying on glasses or contacts.

What If My Prescription Changes?

For many people, prescriptions may change over time. That’s why your laser vision correction is covered for retreatment up until 5 years after your first surgery. After that, retreatment is available at a reduced rate indefinitely, as long as it is safe to do so!

If I Develop Blurry Vision Years Later, Does That Mean Lasik Failed?

A common condition known as presbyopia can occur with age.

Presbyopia makes it difficult to focus on nearby objects. This is caused by the lens in our eyes becoming more rigid, making it difficult for the lens to focus light properly. If you develop presbyopia after a Lasik procedure, this does not mean that Lasik did not work. Lasik reshapes your cornea, not your lens, to help you see better.

Dealing With Presbyopia

BoydVision can help people with presbyopia improve their vision too, but in this case, Lasik is not the correct procedure. To correct a lens issue, Laser Blended Correction or a Premium Lens Implant is used to restore optimal vision.

At BoydVision, we are passionate about helping people see clearly in the long term. We offer a variety of ocular procedures to deal with our patients’ unique eye care needs, which is why we have a thorough assessment to identify the cause of their blurry vision. Once we know the cause, we can effectively treat it. For more information on Lasik and other operations, contact BoydVision. We’ll be able to schedule a free consultation so you can ask any question you like to our skilled surgeon, Dr. Boyd.