Answers to Some FAQs About Laser Eye Surgery

It is natural to have many questions about laser eye surgery and if you are considering this as a next step, you might be spending a lot of time on Google. At BoydVision in Vancouver, we know it is important to feel safe and trust the laser eye center of your choice. That’s why before the surgery, you’ll get to meet Dr. Boyd and ask any questions you may have. In the meantime, you may find answers to a few FAQs about laser eye surgery in this post.

Can laser eye surgery affect your eye colour?

No⏤your eyes will be the same colour before and after laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery deals exclusively with the cornea, which is the clear area at the front of the eye.

Is laser eye surgery cosmetic?

Yes, laser eye surgery is considered elective and cosmetic surgery. Vision problems can be improved through other external means like contacts and glasses, and laser eye surgery eliminates the need for these tools.

Has anyone gone blind from laser eye surgery?

Given the fact that this surgery deals with your eyes, this is a valid concern. However, if this is what’s holding you back from laser eye surgery, there’s no reason to be concerned as the likelihood is very small. Need some grounds to back this up? Find out what past clients have had to say by heading over to our testimonials page.

Which laser eye surgery is best for me?

During your free consultation with Dr. Boyd, we will take time to assess which surgery best suits your vision needs. We offer the most advanced and safe options for surgery including Femto LASIK and PRK. Learn more about these options in a previous blog post here: How to Choose Between Femto LASIK and PRK.

Still have questions?

We are here to answer them all at BoydVision. With over 25 years of experience as a leading eye surgery center in Vancouver, we know how important it is to feel safe and trust your surgeon. Book an appointment today to get to know our laser eye surgeon Dr. Boyd and his expertise as you embark on the journey to clear vision.