Experience Summer, Glasses and Contacts Free

It’s finally here—today is officially the first day of summer! Time to bust out the swim trunks, slather on the sunscreen, and get outside. If you wear glasses or contacts, you’ll need to take extra care to enjoy the activities around Vancouver. Make sure to plan for any overnight trips and be prepared if you’re going to jump in the ocean! Or you can avoid these hassles by visiting your Vancouver laser eye surgery clinic.

Here’s a list of some of the great Vancouver activities we love, made more enjoyable by being glasses and contacts free.


Vancouver is so close to the great outdoors that enjoyable camping is never too far away. Tofino, Shuswap, Alouette Lake, and so many more incredible places are just waiting for you to explore.

Overnight trips, like camping, can pose tricky situations if you wear glasses or contacts. Try not to lose or break your glasses, and make sure you have enough contacts to last the entire trip. When you’re falling asleep, always remember to take out your contacts, or you’ll be looking at an uncomfortable morning the next day.

Cleaning your contacts when you’re always outside can be tough too. You don’t want to get any dirt or grime in them as this could lead to an eye infection, which wouldn’t be too great in the wilderness.


No summer is complete without visiting the Pacific National Exhibition. The food, the rides, the shows, the games, and so much more summer fun is contained within its gates. Enjoying the 35+ rides and attractions can be made all the better by not worrying about your glasses or contacts flying off in the middle of a coaster’s loop-de-loop.

The Beach

Vancouver is home to some of the best beaches in Canada, all within walking distance of the city. Set up a beach volleyball court in Kitsilano, or ride your bike down the Seawall and take a break at English Bay. Wherever you are, take a moment to watch the ships bobbing in the ocean.

An orca pod was recently spotted swimming around Vancouver Harbour, so if you’re lucky, you might catch some of this incredible sea life.

If you ever get too hot in the sun, hop in the ocean. Take your glasses off, and it’s suggested that your contacts never come into contact with any form of water, so it’s best to take them out too.

Whenever you’re outside for prolonged periods, make sure to wear sunglasses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. These rays could lead to cataracts or macular degeneration. Many people have sunglasses with prescription lenses, which is a great way to protect yourself and see clearly at the same time. An alternative solution is to have laser eye surgery, which would allow you to start an incredible collection of sunglasses, prescription free.

If you’re worried that the recovery time will eat into your summer fun, don’t fret. Our Custom Lasik procedure has quick recovery times allowing our patients to return to their daily routines within a couple of weeks.

If you’re ready to say, “Goodbye glasses and hello summer,” call BoydVision for a free laser eye surgery consultation.